on-the-job action

Whistle-blowing guide

Sometimes simply telling people the truth about what goes on at work can put a lot of pressure on the boss. This page contains information on using information to winning improvements at work.

Sabotage in the workplace

Sabotage is the generic term for a whole host of tricks, deviltry, and assorted nastiness that can remind the boss how much he needs his workers (and how little the workers need them). Here are some examples

Dual power at work

Ignore the boss - and do it yourself!

The best way to get something done is simply organise and do it ourselves. At work this can take the form of dual power strategies - workers making changes to their work environment without seeking management approval.

Good work strike

Good work strikes - hurting the boss, helping the public

Advice and tips on taking good work strikes. Good work strikes involve doing your job to help customers, not bosses and can involve distributing goods or services without demanding payment, and more.

Work-to-rule: a guide

Working-to-rule - you're only doing what you're supposed to!

A short guide to working to rule - taking industrial action without losing pay by following your work's rules so strictly that nothing gets done.

Go-slow guide

Go-slows can win demands with no loss of pay

Instead of striking, workers with demands that the bosses are unwilling to meet can collectively decide to start a go-slow. This article contains tips and advice.

Making the most of spontaneous rebellions at work

Advice on how to react when a big issue immediately angers a large number of people at your workplace, in order to try to organise effective action and build collective confidence for further disputes.

Recruitment agency accused of breaking JJB strike

The GMB Union has accused JJB of illegally breaking a strike by warehouse workers at its Wigan depot.

A year of struggle at Sussex uni

A round-up of the political activity on the Sussex uni campus in the 2005/6 academic year.

Canadian posties refuse to deliver homophobic pamphlet

AIDS: The consequence of the sin of homosexuality (apparently)

Postal workers in Canada have refused to handle a homophobic pamphlet that was produced by a Christian fundamentalist group.