on-the-job action

Go-slow guide

Go-slows can win demands with no loss of pay

Instead of striking, workers with demands that the bosses are unwilling to meet can collectively decide to start a go-slow. This article contains tips and advice.

Recruitment agency accused of breaking JJB strike

The GMB Union has accused JJB of illegally breaking a strike by warehouse workers at its Wigan depot.

A year of struggle at Sussex uni

A round-up of the political activity on the Sussex uni campus in the 2005/6 academic year.

Canadian posties refuse to deliver homophobic pamphlet

AIDS: The consequence of the sin of homosexuality (apparently)

Postal workers in Canada have refused to handle a homophobic pamphlet that was produced by a Christian fundamentalist group.

FE lecturers on strike in Northern Ireland

Further Education lecturers in Northern Ireland have been on strike this week over pay parity with schoolteachers.

Ryanair workers take industrial action

Ryanair workers are taking industrial action in Spain and Italy this week.

Passport workers strike

Passport workers across the country are striking today over a pay dispute, with the workforce also engaged in an ongoing work to rule.

Workplace organising

A set of tips and advice guides for organising in your workplace. From basic principles and getting started, to making demands, taking action such as strikes, and winning them.

On-the-job action means free ride for Stockholm passengers

This weekend, bus passengers in Stockholm travelled for free as drivers refused to handle cash.

Firefighters call off unofficial action

Norfolk firefighters

Firefighters have called off the unsanctioned industrial action, in which they only responded to 999 calls, in a dispute over pay.