on-the-job action

FE lecturers on strike in Northern Ireland

Further Education lecturers in Northern Ireland have been on strike this week over pay parity with schoolteachers.

Ryanair workers take industrial action

Ryanair workers are taking industrial action in Spain and Italy this week.

Passport workers strike

Passport workers across the country are striking today over a pay dispute, with the workforce also engaged in an ongoing work to rule.

Workplace organising

A set of tips and advice guides for organising in your workplace. From basic principles and getting started, to making demands, taking action such as strikes, and winning them.

On-the-job action means free ride for Stockholm passengers

This weekend, bus passengers in Stockholm travelled for free as drivers refused to handle cash.

Firefighters call off unofficial action

Norfolk firefighters

Firefighters have called off the unsanctioned industrial action, in which they only responded to 999 calls, in a dispute over pay.

15,000 Revenue and Customs staff join work to rule

Following a one day strike by 8,000 workers for Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) Large Processing Offices on 31st July, a further 7,000 workers in Distributing Processing offices joined a work to rule today.

BNP meeting prevented by workers' action

Action by workers at a Doncaster social club has prevented the BNP from holding a meeting.

Ryder Cup clothing workers to strike

Workers making clothes for the European Ryder Cup golf team, will begin a work-to-rule and overtime ban on Friday.

1976: The fight for useful work at Lucas Aerospace

Useless: The Stingray torpedo, made by Lucas

History of how arms company workers struggled against closure and for a change in their work from weapons manufacture to socially useful production.