Where is the struggle going?

May 2nd more than 600 followers of coordination 75 of the sans-papiers (75 is the number of the department of Paris) entered as a big group the Center of the Unions in order to occupy it. In this article, some of the delegates of this occupation give their views on struggle with and against the unions.

For the unity of all the sans-papiers collectives!

For 58 days, from the 2nd may, on the initiative of the coordination 75 around 800 children, men, and women have occupied the Center of the Unions at rue Charlot (metro République) in Paris.

Finster, Ramon, 1944-1996

Ramon Finster

A founding member of the French ORA, anarchist militant, artist, writer, animator of cultural and artistic events.

The Chinese anarchist movement - Robert Scalpino and George T. Yu

The Chinese anarchist movement

A history of the Chinese anarchist movement in France, Japan and China itself from 1900 up to the formation of the Chinese Communist Party.

Wildcat strike at Paris Opera

A strike at the Paris Opera has forced the cancellation of six shows, including two on Monday, and threatens to cause losses running up to 2.2 million euros (3.1 million dollars) if it continues.

France: Strikers paralyse Paris region

Transport workers brought most of Paris and the Ile de France region to a halt today, they were joined at demonstrations by other workers and strikers.

France: Migrant workers' occupation wins

Buffalo Grill strikers

Sacked workers occupying the Buffalo Grill restaurant for one month have beaten their employers and been re-instated with their employment status regularised.

Paris: Migrant workers occupy Buffalo Grill

Undocumented workers at the fast food chain in Paris have occupied the Buffalo Grill in Viry-Chatillon after being sacked and reported to the authorities.

Fred Vermorel in Paris, May 1968

Punk entrepreneur - Westwood

An entertaining and atmospheric account of May 68 from street level, alongside amusing correspondence betweed Fred and the libcom group.

France: Victory for KFC workers

Striking KFC workers in New Zealand, December 2005

After a three-day strike non-unionised workers at the Saint-Denis Basilique branch of KFC won a series of concessions from management.