Riot in banlieue as school students protest against CPE

Hundreds of youths clashed with riot police on Monday afternoon in the Parisian banlieue (suburb) of Drancy.

Anti-CPE Movement: Paris, 21st March 2006

Photos of the March 21st 2006 demonstration against the CPE in Paris. Photos from

39 year-old trade unionist in a coma

A trade unionist of the South-Postal and Telecommunications Authorities trade union (Sud-PTT), a 39 year old, was left in a coma following clashes with police.

Anti-CPE Movement: Nanterre university, Paris, 20th March 2006

Pepper spray attack by police on students and staff occupying Nanterre university on 20th March 2006. Photos from Paris Indymedia.

Paris - account and photos from our correspondent

A personal account and accompanying photos of the Paris anti-CPE demonstration and riot from one of our correspondents in Paris.

Images of yesterday's demonstrations

Nantes anti-CPE demonstration 18 March 2006

Photographs of Saturday 18 March's mass demonstrations against the CPE employment law in France.

Eyewitness account from Paris

A first-hand account from Hermit, who was present yesterday night at the Place de la Sorbonne, where there were clashes between the CRS and protesters.

"Three generations walked hand in hand today"

A first hand account of todays demonstrations from one of our contacts on the ground in Paris.

Anger boils over: Rioting in Lille, Tours, Paris and Rennes

Further disturbances have been reported in many towns and cities as mass anti-CPE demonstrations ended across France this evening.

Anti-CPE Movement: Latin Quarter, Paris, 18th March 2006

Photos of the riots in the Latin Quarter of Paris, during the March 18th 2006 demonstration.