Women’s popular movement and the Shining Path: The contradictions of patriarchal women's emancipation

Please enjoy this original piece I recently wrote, about women's liberation and the Peruvian Shining Path guerrilla movement. Any feedback and constructive criticism is welcome.

Anarcho-syndicalism in Peru, 1905-1930 - Steven Hirsch

General strike, Peru, 1933.

Article about the Peruvian anarcho-syndicalist movement with details of its influential involvement in numerous strikes, its far-reaching network of cultural associations and its influences from other syndicalist movements in the region.

Topy Top mass sacking sparks Zara protests call

The mass sacking of 35 trade union organisers at Topy Top, Peru's most profitable textiles exporter, has prompted a callout for worldwide protests against near slave-labour conditions at the firm's factories.

Six killed in Peru miners strike clashes

Six people were killed on April 5 when police attacked a roadblock set up by miners on a wildcat strike.

Peru: National mining strike to start on Monday

Peruvian miners' march, May 2007

Peru's biggest federation of mining unions said workers will go on strike nationwide starting on Monday despite efforts by the government to avert the walkout, officials said on Sunday.

‘General strike’ spreads across Peru

Riot police in Cuzco

As an indefinite teachers strike continues into its 12th day, farmers, miners and construction workers joined the protests, with one farmer shot dead by police.

Peru: Teachers strike against exams

President Garcia sits an exam (photoshopped)

Teachers in Peru launched a one-day strike to protest against legislation currently being debated in Parliament.

Miners' strikes in North and South America

Striking miners in Lima

Miners in Canada, Mexico and Peru are either currently striking or planning strike action.

Peru: Miner's strike ends

A Peruvian mine

A unlimited strike has come to an end after the goverment agreed to the miners' demands.

Worker self-management in historical perspective, 1950-2006

A worker of Argentina's self-managed Brukman plant

A brief history of the movement for workers' self-management in the 20th and 21st centuries. Examines instances of workers' control in Yugoslavia, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and contemporary Argentina.