Peter Kropotkin

Volume 9 Issue 9

Mother Earth Vol. IX. No. 9 (November, 1914). 273–280.

Volume 7 Issue 10


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Volume 4 Issue 4

Volume IV June, 1909 No.4

The revolution in Russia - Peter Kropotkin

An article for Mother Earth about the aftermath of the 1905 Revolution in the Russian Empire.

La Pariza Komunumo: Petro Kropotkin

kunveno de la Pariza komunumo

Eseo de Petro Kropotkin pri la Pariza Komunumo de 1871.

Goldsmith, Marie: her life and thought

Marie Goldsmith

Article about Marie Goldsmith/Isidine/Korn that teases out her influence on Peter Kropotkin's ideas, as well as looking at her scientific career and her anarchism.

Black Flag 235 (2012)

With workfare in the news at the time, this issue focused on the CWU union's enthusiastic support for its use in Royal Mail, alongside articles on the economy, Scottish Independence and the potential consequences of the collapse of the BNP.

For the centre spread, Tom L offered a a slightly different tack on the union question, looking at it from the ruling class point of view, while in history Jack Ray and Iain McKay looked at the 1934 Asturian miners' strike and the Pentonville Five campaign respectively.