Peter Kropotkin

Mutual aid: a factor of evolution - Peter Kropotkin - audiobook

Mutual aid - a factor of evolution

Mutual aid: a factor of evolution is a book by Peter Kropotkin on the subject of mutual aid, written while he was living in exile in England. Recorded as an audiobook by LibriVox.

The conquest of bread - Peter Kropotkin - audiobook

Peter Kropotkin

In this work, Kropotkin points out what he considers to be the fallacies of the economic systems of feudalism and capitalism, and how he believes they create poverty and scarcity while promoting privilege. Recorded as an audiobook by LibriVox.

Wars and Capitalism

Russian anarchist, Peter Kropotkin writes of the part capitalism and industry plays in starting wars between two governments.

The great French revolution, 1789-1793 - Peter Kropotkin

"Liberty leading the People" by Eugène Delacroix

Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin's extensive history and analysis of the French Revolution of 1789.

Revolutionary government - Peter Kropotkin

Peter Kropotkin, the founding father of collectivist anarchism, on why "revolutionary government" is a contradiction in terms.

Kropotkin and the scientific community in England in the 1870s and 80s

A short post on a small act of solidarity from a Nature editor in the 1870s.

Review; Mutual Aid: an introduction and evaluation by Iain McKay

A review of Iain McKay's introduction and evaluation to Peter Kropotkin's Mutual Aid, reviewed by Paul Petard.

Podcast on Kropotkin - A colder voyage of the Beagle

Biologist Lee Dugatkin discusses his latest book, which is about Kropotkin, 'The Prince of Evolution' on Skeptically Speaking podcast.

Kropotkin in America - Paul Avrich

Biographic essay on Kropotkin by anarchist historian Paul Avrich

Kropotkin and the Rise of Revolutionary Anarchism, 1872-1886 - Caroline Cahm

From a review of NEFAC: Cahm concentrates on the most active period of Kropotkin's career as a revolutionary agitator, a period which began with his commitment to Bakuninist ideas in 1872 and ended with his arrival in England in 1886 after some twelve years of energetic activity first in Russia, then in Switzerland and France. Cahm outlines Kropotkin's ideas and revolutionary practice, and assesses the influence of his life and work upon the development of the European anarchist movement during this crucial period.