Peter Linebaugh

Lizard Talk: Or, Ten Plagues and Another - Peter Linebaugh

Peter Linebaugh

Lizard Talk: Or, Ten Plagues and Another - An Historical Reprise in Celebration of the Anniversary of Boston ACT UP February 26, 1989.

An 1989 essay offering a history of ten plagues.

The Rainbow Sign

The Peasant's Army

A short piece by Peter Linabaugh on the Peasants Revolt in Germany in 1525.

Jubilating - Or, How the Atlantic Working Class Used the Biblical Jubilee Against Capitalism, with Some Success

Peter Linebaugh

Originally published by Midnight Notes this essay looks at how the Biblical idea of 'jubilee' was taken up by enslaved and proletarianised people on both sides of the Atlantic.

Karl Marx, the Theft of Wood and Working-class Composition

Peter Linebaugh

Originally published in 1976, this essay calls for a reconsideration of Marxist ideas about crime – “capital’s most ancient tool in the creation and control of the working class” – and returns to Marx’s ideas about communal and private property.

Stop, thief!: The commons, enclosures, and resistance - Peter Linebaugh

In bold and intelligently written essays, historian Peter Linebaugh takes aim at the thieves of land, the polluters of the seas, the ravagers of the forests, the despoilers of rivers, and the removers of mountaintops.

Meandering on the semantical-historical communism and commons

The story begins at Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks when, at a gathering of cultural workers for the commons and through no wish of their own, Peter and George Caffentzis were asked to speak about violence and the commons. Accordingly, following dinner after what had been a chilly October day, they settled into armchairs by the fire and explained to the gathering that way back in the day (history) the commons was taken away by blood and fire and that, furthermore, as we all basically knew, it was still violently happening which ever way you happened to look. Indeed, this violent taking-away, or “expropriation,” was the beginning of proletarianization and thus of capitalism itself!