Philip Mattera

The Birth of the Work Underground - Mattera (1984)

Philip Mattera's brief look (with an eye toward class struggle and autonomy) at the growth of off-the-books work in the post-Keynesian period. This was published in 1984 in the UK journal 'Emergency.' Mattera would later publish a book-length study on the subject, entitled 'Off the Books: The Rise of the Underground Economy.'

Developing and underdeveloping New York: The 'fiscal crisis' and the imposition of austerity - Donna Demac and Philip Mattera

Article on New York budget and social crisis from the second and final issue of the American autonomist magazine ZeroWork

National liberation, socialism, and the struggle against work: The case of Vietnam - Philip Mattera

Letter and article that the ZeroWork editorial collective circulated on the American left in the 1970s