Parents of children with disabilities occupy Polish parliament

Parents who cannot get by on the pittance paid by the government to care for people with disabilities take action.

Since Wednesday, parents of children with disabilities have been occupying the Parliament in Warsaw to protest their desperate situation and try to get more help for themselves as well as caregivers of adults with disabilities.

The protesters are asking for help in drawing attention to their struggle on an international level. Below is a translation of their appeal to journalists.

Poland, 1970-71: workers vs. state - Root & Branch

Poland, 1970-71 : Workers vs. State

Leaflet produced in 1971 by US libertarian socialist group Root & Branch.

The last few months have been hard times for the government of Poland, as workers organized mass strikes, street demonstrations, and factory takeovers. They fought police sent to drive them back to work, looted government-owned stores, and sacked and burned government office-buildings. What's the meaning of such a breakdown of Law and Order in a country like Poland?

The factors of race and nation in Marxist theory - Amadeo Bordiga

A book-length essay illustrating the principles of historical materialism with respect to the role of race and nation in the “cycles” that were preconditions for the communist revolution, tracing the human saga from pithecanthropus and Adam and Eve to the Trieste Crisis, with sections on Greece, Rome, the German barbarians, feudalism, the rise of the bourgeoisie, the European wars and national liberation struggles of the 19th century, and the Paris Commune, interspersed with incisive comments on the individual (a “puppet”), the family (it “will be destroyed after the victory of communism”), national languages (they “will perish with” capitalism), etc.

Attack on squats in Warsaw during nationalist demonstration

On November 11, 2013, two squats in the center of Warsaw were attacked by nationalists and fascists. The squatters resisted successfully. In their declaration the squatters' collectives explain not only the connection between increasing right wing militancy and the state policies of exploitation and discrimination, they also make clear that a struggle against fascism has to be a struggle of the expoited against capitalism itself.

On national independence day, November 11th, 2013, our homes were brutally attacked by fascist militias. They came well-prepared: hammers, bolt cutters and pipes in hand, they cut the lock on our gate, forced the doors, broke the windows, burned two cars and wounded our friends.

Poland: Protests but no strike

On September 14, mass protests were held in Warsaw against recent anti-labour legislation. Unfortunately the unions did not call a strike.

At least 100,000 people joined the demonstrations called by the three main trade unions in Poland against the legislation that basically did away with the guaranteed 8-hour working day in Poland. Despite the serious attacks against the working class, the unions backed off from calling strikes after the government threatened to do away with the system that gives them subsidized paid union jobs.

Worker in Poland almost killed by capitalist

News about a worker who was almost killed just because he wanted his money.

Damian, a man who worked for a building company in Grójec did not get paid for his work. So he telephoned his boss telling that unless he paid him his money he would let the Work Inspectors know about the illegal work conditions in his workplace. After this his boss and friend of his kidnapped the worker and took him to the forest.

Italian boss sends workers on vacation, Closes factory and sets up business in Poland - with the help of the Polish state

Firem factory

Workers of the Firem Factory near Modena should take issue with the government of Poland. This is because their jobs have been moved here – to Oława where their ex-boss, Fabrizio Pedroni, will receive tax exemptions and other aid for creating jobs in Poland.

In Italy he had about 40 employees. In Poland he only assured the people in charge of granting permission to operate in the Special Economic Zone that he would hire 18 people. It is not clear whether he will employ more – or just put the work the Italians did on fewer people.

Radical America #15.03: Poland

Constituent Items:

Understanding the Polish revolt an interview with Daniel Singer and Marta Petrusewicz
Poland: documents of the struggle
Please destroy this after you've read it (Ewen, Phyllis)
Amilcar Cabral and the dialectic of Portuguese colonialism (Robinson, Cedric J.)
The past is prologue the blacklist in Hollywood (Biskind, Peter)

"Solidarity" careerists denounce fired unionist and ZSP, defending the bosses

The so-called “Solidarity” union from a furniture factory in Bartoszyce has issued a scandalous statement in what seems to be a campaign organized by the bosses of Black Red White company to protect its image after the events of recent weeks.

These events revolve around the BRW Sofa fatory in Nidzica, which is wholly owned by Black Red White. This company has a large share of the local furniture market and is present in other E. European countries. Notably, its owner is a billionaire and one of the richest men in Poland. The firm is very profitable. But the pay is miserable and there have been a lot of problems in BRW Sofa.

Summer in Gdansk - Solidarity

Solidarity booklet produced in late 1980 about the mass strikes in Poland which had just ended in huge victory for the workers who had made a mixture of economic and political demands.