Tottenham and beyond: neoliberal riots and the possibility of politics

Hackney, 9 Aug 2011

Writer and poet William Wall explores the link between neoliberalism and the UK riots.

Anarchists respond to the London riots - Solidarity Federation

Riot police in Hackney - photo by Henry Langston from viceland.com

With media sources blaming “anarchy” for the unfolding violence in London and across England, the North London Solidarity Federation has released the following statement as a response from an anarchist organisation active in the capital.

Serbia: State offensive against the libertarian movement

Belgrade 6

An analysis of the current wave of state repression of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative.

Stop Snitching - Curtis Price

An article from The Baltimore Indypendent Reader in 2007, which while it has a lot of local focus, has wider points on the fragmentation and breakdown in inner-city communities stemming from the drug trade.

Greece: 2nd Day of General Strike 29/6 - Unprecedented Police Brutality at Syntagma Square

A timeline account of the day. Relentless riot police attacks with teargas, physical violence and even rocks. Hundreds of injured demonstrators. Square raided but not evacuated.

The demand for order and the birth of modern policing - Kristian Williams

19th-century police fight with drunks in New York City

Kristian Williams analyses the founding of the American police force, and argues that instead of fighting crime, they were established as an instrument of social control over the working class.

Andries Tatane: Murdered by the ruling classes

Andries Tatane during his beating by police

South African activist Andries Tatane was buried in the small rural town of Ficksburg yesterday. He was murdered by the police on a demonstration of four and a half thousand people last week. Shawn Hatting from the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front has developed the first libertarian communist response to the last of a growing number of police murders of grassroots activists in South Africa.

Policing Us - Midnight Notes

Midnight Notes outline the history of policing in USA. They analyzes the cycles of policing which swing between reformism and repression depending on the changing circumstances of working class position against capital.

European Court of Human Rights absolves Italy of Carlo Giuliani’s death

On March 24 the European Court of Human Rights fully absolved Italy of the death of Carlo Giuliani during the anti-G8 protests of 2001 in Genoa.

University of Puerto Rico Students Clash with Riot Police at University Plaza

Photo account of the demonstration and attack by riot police during the shut down of the administrative building at the University Plaza of the Rio Piedras campus of the University of Puerto Rico in the morning of January 13th, 2011.