Repression of day-laborer organizing in Tokyo

A day-laborer organizer in Tokyo has been held in solitary confinement, for almost four months, by police for a broken window.

Cop watch link dump

Blog post for people to post links to stories about police brutality and violence. Trigger warning for police violence and sexual violence.

Turkish police forces arrest 60 anarchists in night raids

Turkish police forces arrest 60 anarchists in night raids

Wave of repression hits anarchists in Turkey following May Day demonstrations.

Brutal beating of an immigrant by police caught on camera

In a new video published today the brutal beating of an immigrant by the police was caught on camera by a resident from his balcony.

Bad day for fascists

Today has been a bad day for UK fascism. There have been several arrests in dawn raids by anti-terror police following a tip off. They were then run off the streets by anti-fascists in Liverpool.

French Police sell off confiscated items

Police in the north of the country have been selling off items that have been confiscated during the investigation of crimes.

Attica Prison Riot Film Collection

This is a collection of documentaries, news clips, interviews, and personal accounts from the Attica Prison riot of 1971.

Police attack protesting students in Santa Monica

Students in Santa Monica protesting against a tripling of tuition fees are attacked and pepper sprayed by police as they attempt to force entry into a public meeting of the board of trustees. Two students are hospitalised and a further thirty require treatment.

1919 Liverpool Police strike - Pat O'Mara

Pat O'Mara's personal account of the police strike in Liverpool, August 1919 and the subsequent riot, taken from his autobiography The Autobiography of a Liverpool Slummy.

Government to use scab drivers and the police to break fuel strike

Tanker drivers in the UK have voted in favour of strike action over health and safety standards. The strikes are expected to take place over the Easter Holiday period to cause maximum disruption. The government has trained 300 soldiers to take over the duties of striking drivers and has vowed to use the police to prevent any 'irresponsible' picketing.