Greek police exposed by torture victim with pierced lung

One of the five arrested of last week's clashes in Athens exposes the greek police for torture, which led to his lungs being pieced by a broken rib.

Mass class protest march in Salonica, riots in Athens

Thousands march in "independent class" protest march in Salonica, putting party-controlled unions to shame, while anti-police riots break out anew in Athens.

Ssangyong motors strike in South Korea ends in defeat and heavy repression

Ssangyong workers at a strike rally

Loren Goldner's analysis and overview of the defeated strike and occupation of the Ssangyong Motors plant against job cuts.

Shoot to kill in Belfast, 1992 - European Counter Network

Report on the shooting of an IRA member by Belfast police in November 1992.

One more Greek police inflicted death: Igoumenitsa Port Police victim dies

The Kurdish refugee from Iraq, Arivan Abdullah Osman, who had been severely injured on the 3rd of April at Igoumenitsa port by Port police men died today.

CS gas and the use of force - Antagonism

Leaflet produced after some protesters were gassed at a demonstration against the 1995 Criminal Justice Bill.

Fascists attack squat in Athens with Minister of Public Order supervision

Nazis organised by the police in vigilante groups in Agios Panteleimonas attacked one of the oldest anarchist squats, Villa Amalias, 20 minutes after meeting with the Minister of Public Order.

Battles in Athens during march against police racism, many protesters injured

Extended clashes broke our in Athens on Friday 22/5, during the second protest march in two days against police racism, after a cop tore the Koran and brutalised Muslims during anti-immigrant sweeping operations. During the clashes many protesters were injured arrested and hospitalised.

Police and neo-nazis collaborate once more in Athens…

… once more, against immigrants, refugees and anti-racists.

Propagandist - what the papers said about anarchism and G20

In the absence of a realistic threat to the status quo from Islamic fundamentalists, the state has tentatively been trying to paint anarchists as a parallel and growing internal threat to the nation.

Despite minimal evidence, the conjecture of the police that a major anarchist atrocity is inevitable has been taken almost verbatim by the mainstream media and was pushed even further during the G20, with several ludicrous stories appearing about what the movement might get up to appearing.

Rob Ray picks some of the best for Freedom.