Beating police repression after the student occupation - Fitwatch

Police intelligence watchdog Fitwatch published the following article on their site after the events at 30 Millbank, London last Wednesday. The Metropolitan Police responded by pressuring their domain host into closing down for "at least 12 months".

Greek police officer convicted of Alexandros murder

Epaminondas Korkoneas, right

The police officer charged with the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, which sparked heavy rioting across the country, has been found guilty.

Greece: Pakistani workers go on strike after police raid

Today, hundreds of Pakistani migrants living and working in Skala, Laconia took the decision to go on strike after a police attack that was unleashed against them earlier.

South Africa: over a million public sector workers on strike

More than one million South African state workers have gone on strike to press for an increase in pay, a move that threatens to paralyse Africa's biggest economy. Schools were closed early on Wednesday as teachers left for meetings to discuss the walkout, while workers dressed in red T-shirts gathered outside hospitals and government offices.

Ten thousand clash with police in south-east China

Large-scale protest in Gangkou Town, Jiangxi Province on July 5, 2010.

Villagers in China’s southeastern Jiangxi Province, upset over police brutality, relocation and corrupt local officials, have staged a large-scale, violent protest.

Police kill Landless People's Movement militant in Johannesburg

The Landless People's Movement in Johannesburg continues to face repression. A number of its leaders are now in hiding. Police attack in eTwatwa, Ekurhuleni; one person is dead and another seriously injured.

Murder and riots in Warsaw

A 36-year-old Nigerian man was shot to death by a cop known to have violent, racist inclinations.

The Kappa Marousi tragedy, Athens 1991

The tragedy of Kappa Marousi which burned down during a major protest march in Athens in 1991 leaving 4 people dead led the media to incriminate anarchists, although it was later proved the fire was caused by the police.

Three internet activists jailed in China; hundreds protest courthouse

A Chinese court jailed three people on Friday (16th) who posted material on the Internet to help a woman pressure authorities which she accused of covering up her daughter's death, in a trial that attracted scores of supporters.

Nigerian police kill protestors against cop brutality

Police reportedly fired live ammunition into a crowd of young people on April 3rd, killing two — at a protest against the force's killing of another man two days previously.