Two students wounded during police raid in Athens

Two students wounded during punitive pogrom by riot police on Colonels' coup anniversary.

Acpo chief, you're one low-expectation-having motherf*cker.

A quote piece by the Times from Sir Ken Jones, head of the Association of Chief Police Officers reminded me of Chris Rock's most famous, and funny skit.

Popular justice: community policing in Guerrero, Mexico

A year old article about an indigenous initiative in the Costa Chica, Guerrero, Mexico in which police(wo)men are elected by assembly and security duties are shared around the entire villages, with each individual only policing for a handful of days a year.

Police state rehearsed in Athens

New repressive and legislative measures aim to create state of siege for the Greek capital.

1985: Battle of the beanfield

Photograph copyright Andy Worthington

A short account of the brutal police attack on a convoy of travellers and others on their way to the annual the Stonehenge Free Festival.

Greece unrest: the story so far - TPTG

Athens Parliament Square Christmas tree burns

A detailed updated summary of the recent events in Athens, from the perspective of some proletarian participants. (Updated 2 Jan 2009)

Chronology of the Greece unrest - Blaumachen

An updated summary of events of the Greek riots in Thessaloniki from 6 December-31 December 2008 by communist group Blaumachen. (Updated 2nd Jan 2009.)

Bosses' propaganda met with continuing struggle across Greece

Despite escalating psychological warfare waged against the insurgency, protesters are keeping the struggle warm across Greece during the season holidays

Eyewitness statement on the killing of Alexandros Grigoropoulos - 06 December 2008

Translation of the statement of Nikos R., which describes what happened on the night of December 6 and how the police shot his friend Alexandros Grigoropoulos.

Greece riots: Interview with a libertarian syndicalist

An interview by the CNT-F with the International Secretary of the ESE (union of libertarian syndicalists), discussing the death of Alexis Grigoropoulos and the events that have followed.