The revolution now and always - Miguel Amorós

In this new Preface to the 2014 Spanish critical edition of Manuscript Found in Vitoria, Miguel Amorós discusses the historical background of the Manuscript (first published in 1977) and two other important post-situationist texts (La sociale guerre au Portugal (1975) [The Social War in Portugal] and Précis de récuperation (1976) [Manual of Recuperation]) with particular emphasis on the roles played by Jaime Semprun, Guy Debord and several of their comrades, including other former situationists, in attempts to foment subversion in Portugal and Spain in the 1970s, and the volatile disputes typical of the Debordian milieu.

The Revolution Now and Always1 – Miguel Amorós

  • 1. Published as the Preface to the 2014 critical edition of Los Incontrolados, Manuscrito encontrado en Vitoria (“Manuscript Found in Vitoria”), Pepitas de Calabaza, Logroño, 2014.

Radical America #10.02: Update on Portugal

Constituent Items:

The dialectics of production and reproduction in history (Bridenthal, Renate)
Facing layoffs (Montgomery, David Schatz, Ronald)
Loom, broom, and womb producers, maintainers, and reproducers (Women's Work Study Group)
The death of CLUW (Withorn, Ann)
Portugal the meaning of November 25 (Ensign, Tod Feingold, Carl Uhl, Michael)

Youths in shorts and flip-flops throwing rocks at cops: Update from Lisbon

Report on the struggles against austerity in Portugal, focusing on the street demonstrations and riots which continue to escalate.

In the last few years Portugal has been singled out as the well-behaved student of the IMF and EU, quietly taking note of the teacher’s class while all the others were wreaking havoc. Unlike Greece and other countries, which regularly provide footage of massive demonstrations for the rest of the world to see, in Portugal, besides minor scuffles and folkloric activism, all was well.

Lisbon on strike: November 14th in Portugal

On November 14th 2012, thousands of people took to the streets of Portugal as part of a European wide general strike. Until recently, the International Monetary Fund held Portugal as an ideal example of the effectiveness of austerity policies, but today, its economy is heading in the same direction as Greece and Spain. This short documentary details the week of the November 14th strike in Lisbon and the events surrounding it.

Europe on strike against austerity: live updates

The struggle against austerity steps up a notch as on November 14 an international general strike takes place across several European countries, with demonstrations and solidarity actions across the world. Please post live reports from the area in the comments below.

European-wide general strike November 14 - how real? How relevant?

In at least four countries, there will be a general strike on November 14. There are calls to turn it into a European general strike. What to make of the idea, how to operate most fruitfully in connection to these and similar initiatives, is the subject of this article.

November 14 will – at the very least – see strike action against austerity in four European countries: Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus. (1) There is the potential of much, much more, and people from very diverse backgrounds are working in the direction of en Europe-wide general strike on that day. Does it make sense?

The Detective Novel by João Bernardo

Detective Novel and the Thriller

An original thought-provoking essay on the Detective Novel and in particular the thriller, as regards action and isolation by Joao Bernardo translated from the Portuguese.

The Detective Novel
By João Bernardo.

(Translated from the Portuguese by Phil Meyler)

1. The Action.

Portuguese journalist threatened by Deputy Minister

Minister Miguel Relvas

Summary of the events, so far, concerning a Minister's threats to a journalist in an attempt to stop an "inconvenient" article from being published in Portuguese daily newspaper Público.

On the 19th of May the Conselho de Redacção (Editorial Council) of the daily newspaper Público published a unanimously approved statement denouncing the Deputy Minister’s threats to one of its journalists of filing a complaint with the ERC (Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social – Regulatory Entity for the Media), promoting a blackout of the newspaper and publishing, on the internet, inform

Scenes from the general strike in Portugal

On March 22nd the second general strike in four months took place in Portugal, ending in confrontations with the police in Lisbon, and once again illustrating the shifting landscape of resistance to the IMF-imposed austerity measures, and capitalism in general.

The strike was called by the largest union, CGTP, closely connected to PCP, the communist party, one of the few in Europe who reclaim the ideological heritage of the USSR.

Ubu saved from drowning: worker insurgency and statist containment in Portugal and Spain, 1974-1977 - Loren Goldner

Salazar and Franco.

An analysis of the end of the Salazar and Franco regimes and the transition crises that marked " the last major working class upsurges in the West in the era of the big factory".



Preface: 1975 and the End of the Era of the "Progressive" State Civil Servant p.4

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