As Argentinian police go on strike, the people go shopping

As police go on strike in Argentina’s second largest city, Cordoba, the people have gone on a huge shopping spree, emptying every supermarket in the city. Despite there being massive unemployment and poverty across the city, the media and government have claimed the the shopping spree has nothing to do with being poor, and everything to do with ‘common criminality’.

The widespread emptying of supermarkets in Cordoba comes just twelve months after similar actions spread across the whole of Argentina.

Auto-reduction as social cartography - Vincent Moystad

Inspired by William Bunge’s attempts at reimagining cartography as a radical political practice, I will here attempt to outline a cartographic approach to a specific political practice. is a fare-dodgers union organized by the Swedish organization SUF, a syndicalist youth league associated with the syndicalist union SAC, in 2001.

Bread riots down supply chains: From Cairo to Longview

Map of Global Food Crisis

One of the forms in which the working class exists today is at the various nodal points along global commodity chains. Even the global production of food is increasingly based on a just-in-time system of production, distribution and consumption -- in addition to being financialized and subject to speculative bubbles. But these commodity chains are vulnerable and this suggests struggles could spread down these chains.


    1. Where is your food produced?
    2. What percentage of your income goes to food?

Don't bring back British Rail

Bring back British Rail sticker

Rail fares increase every year but this time a coalition of leftists, trade unionists and passenger groups took the opportunity to launch a campaign calling for the re-nationalisation of Britain's rail network.

Every August we discover how much rail fares will be going up by the following January, last year we were told fares would be going up by 6.2% - double the rate of inflation - and this year we've been told it will be by 4.1%, once again outstripping inflation (and wages).

Brazil protests continue as strikes and occupations begin

Protesters shut down an expensive toll bridge

A riveting person account from a libcom poster in Vitória with updates on the protest movement which has swept Brazil, as demonstrations have begun to turn into wildcat strikes, occupations and direct action.

I thought I wouldn't have much else to tell about the current wave of protests around Brazil, but things keep happening and new qualities are joining what's already happening. I can only speak for myself and my short-sighted perceptions, so if anybody can correct me or write down some more consistent opinions, I'll be glad to learn.

In Brazil, demonstrations against transport price increases: police repression provokes the anger of youth

An article written by group of the International Communist Current in Brazil on the recent wave of protests sparked by public transport price rises.

A wave of protests against the increase in public transport fares is currently unfolding in the big cities of Brazil, particularly in the Sāo Paulo, but it’s also been happening in Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Goiânia, Aracaju and Natal.

Double struggle in Brazil

Blog about the demonstrations and riots which have swept Brazil in the wake of an increase in the price of public transport.

While the world has been watching Turkey, another country is experiencing revolt. That country is Brazil. Just like Turkey, it is relatively succesful, economically speaking. Just like Turkey, the results of economic growth are divided very unequally. Just like in Turkey, a relatively small provocation is setting off a much biggen chain reaction.

Riots sweep across Brazil in response to police violence

A short overview of the wave of rioting which has swept Brazil in the wake of violent police repression of routine protests over the increased costs of public transport.

Taxing Our Lives: Unpaid costs and wages in transit

An article about transit, it's relationship to work and capitalism, and an exploration of a revolutionary anti-capitalist orientation towards transit struggles.

The film Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a surreal comedy-fantasy depiction of a city run on entertainment in which a corrupt judge, who runs a company that took over a trolley car line, attempts to take over and buy the city. The fantasy is based in some reality.

Quebec student strike - important victory, however partial it may be

In Quebec, Canada, an impressive student struggle, connected to protests against attacks on civil liberties has ended in a partial, but nevertheless important, victory. There is reason to learn lessons, but also to celebrate and to be inspired. Let's shout it from the rooftops, as a sign of more to come.

For months, students in Quebec fought against a Draconian college fee rise that the Chares government tried to impose. They struck in great numbers, organized themselves through a system of assemblies where they decided about the strike, what forms the actions woud take and so on. And they demonstrated, in actions that led to militant confrontations with the police.