Riot at asylum seekers detention centre, Christmas Island

Buildings and tents at the Christmas Island detention centre have been destroyed in fires deliberately lit by asylum seekers overnight.

Tents used to house asylum seekers were razed, after Australian Federal Police (AFP) used tear gas to quell a group of about 250 protesters attempting to break out of the centre.

A small number of asylum seekers and staff suffered minor effects from tear gas and smoke, the immigration department says.

Inmates in Six Georgia Prisons on Strike for Third Work Day

An historic prisoners' strike underway in the state of Georgia with inmates in at least six separate prisons refusing to leave their cells for the third work day.

Of note, this strike seems to be entirely organized by the inmates themselves who have worked across the (particularly in prison) stark lines of race and religion which so often keep workers divided.

Nationwide prisoners' struggle in Greece

A call for solidarity by the Initiative for the Rights of Prisoners for the prisoners in Greek jails who are having a co-ordinated nationwide protest since Monday. Included are the demands of the prisoners.

Since Monday 29th November the prisoners in Greek jails have begun an abstention from prison catering, which is to escalate into a hunger strike, as a protest against the political indifference that they are experiencing.

Mass hunger strike in Grevena prisons

Inmates of Grevena prisons, one of the worst penal establishments in Greece, have gone on mass hunger strike since Monday 11 of January "against the repressive intentions of the government and the breach of basic prisoners rights".

Grevena prisons have come under the grip of a mass hunger strike by inmates since January 11. The 330 prisoners are demanding an immediate end to repression and breach of prisoners rights. In their communique they note (we retain the original format):

Tension on labour and prison fronts in Greece

Tension is building up on both labour and prison front in Greece, with 3000 prisoners refusing food across the country, and workers from different sectors staging marches and occupations

A week before the official start of the “unrest season”, the 30 days between the anniversary of the 1973 Polytechnic Uprising (November 17), the anniversary of the assassination of Alexandros Grigoropoulos and the start of the 2008 December Uprising (December 6) and the trial of Girgoropoulos murderers (December 15), things are looking tense in Greece.

Spanish political prisoner begins thirst strike

An anarchist prisoner once dubbed the "Spanish Robin Hood" is refusing to take water after 86 days on hunger strike over the Spanish state's refusal to let him go despite his having completed his sentence.

Amadeu Casellas is moving into the drinking strike to increase the pressure on Spain's justice system, which is attempting to keep him in prison long after his 20-year maximum term expired.

24th suicide in 18 months at France Telecom

A 51-year-old father of two threw himself off a viaduct after leaving a note for his wife blaming his work situation for his decision.

This was the second suicide in three weeks by a France Telecom employee. The first, of a 32-year-old woman, took place on September 11 and has been officially recognised as a work accident. Unions have announced that they will be instigating legal action to have the most recent death recognised as a workplace accident.

Hunger striker Thodoris Iliopoulos released from Greek prisons

The last person remaining in prison pending trial for the December uprising in Greece, Theodoris Iliopoulos, was released after 49 days of hunger strike

Theodoris Iliopoulos the last remaining person in jail pending trial for the December uprising that rocked Greece last year after the police assassination of Alexandros Grigoropoulos was released on Thursday 27 August, after 49 days of hunger strike that nearly cost his life.

Revolt at Highpoint prison - European Counter Network

Report on a riot of prisoners following an escape attempt, at Highpoint Prison in Suffolk in November 1992.

140 prisoners took control of two wings of Highpoint prison in Suffolk (east England), during a riot on 24th November. The riot started as prison officers were searching the prison after two prisoners tried to escape (they were recaptured in the prison grounds).

After the Guildford Four - The Red Menace

Gerry Conlon walks free in 1989

Article examining the case of the Guildford 4 following their release in October 1989, and placing it in a broader context of state repression.

"Wrongfully convicted prisoners should stay in jail rather than be freed and risk a loss of public confidence in the law." (Lord Denning, 21/2/88)

"Prison is a killer- everything about it is designed to kill and destroy the human being." (Johnny Walker, one of the Birmingham 6)