WTF Happened in Brussels and do I really care?

Cameron and Clegg as Rod Hull and Emu:

Do Not Silence Rebellion

On the criminalisation of Celtic fans for singing Republican songs:

SDL? It Should Say HATE On The Tin

The prison gossip on the Pakistani Cricketer Celebrity Prisoners!

Nicosia, Cyprus: 52 people on hunger strike

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Since joining the EU in 2003 Cyprus attracts many tens of thousands of sans papiers migrants. The state continues to treat them ruthlessly. 52 immigrant detainees have been on hunger strike in Nicosia prison since October 24th.

Nine anti-fascists acquitted at Welling trial

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Nine anti-fascist defendants were acquitted today, but six more remain in prison in need of support.

Solidarity hunger strikes expand in California's Gulag

Solidarity demo at the Ronald Reagan State Building in Los Angeles

Since yesterday, prisoners in at least 11 of California's 33 prisons are refusing meals in solidarity with a hunger strike staged by prisoners in one of the system's special maximum-security units: the Security Housing Unit at Pelican Bay State Prison.

Riot at asylum seekers detention centre, Christmas Island

Buildings and tents at the Christmas Island detention centre have been destroyed in fires deliberately lit by asylum seekers overnight.

Inmates in Six Georgia Prisons on Strike for Third Work Day

An historic prisoners' strike underway in the state of Georgia with inmates in at least six separate prisons refusing to leave their cells for the third work day.

Nationwide prisoners' struggle in Greece

A call for solidarity by the Initiative for the Rights of Prisoners for the prisoners in Greek jails who are having a co-ordinated nationwide protest since Monday. Included are the demands of the prisoners.