Spanish political prisoner begins thirst strike

An anarchist prisoner once dubbed the "Spanish Robin Hood" is refusing to take water after 86 days on hunger strike over the Spanish state's refusal to let him go despite his having completed his sentence.

24th suicide in 18 months at France Telecom

A 51-year-old father of two threw himself off a viaduct after leaving a note for his wife blaming his work situation for his decision.

Hunger striker Thodoris Iliopoulos released from Greek prisons

The last person remaining in prison pending trial for the December uprising in Greece, Theodoris Iliopoulos, was released after 49 days of hunger strike

Revolt at Highpoint prison - European Counter Network

Report on a riot of prisoners following an escape attempt, at Highpoint Prison in Suffolk in November 1992.

After the Guildford Four - The Red Menace

Gerry Conlon walks free in 1989

Article examining the case of the Guildford 4 following their release in October 1989, and placing it in a broader context of state repression.

Hull prisoners revolt, 1976 - The Red Menace

Paul Hill

Paul Hill of the Guildford 4's account of the 1976 riot at Hull prison.

Hunger strike and rioting in immigration prisons

June has seen hunger strikes and rioting by immigration prisoners at Brook House, the new immigration prison at Gatwick airport, and Yarl’s Wood, the prison which has been at the centre of numerous claims of abuse and struggles by detainees since it opened in 2000.

Prisoner's hunger strike in Salonica, as Greece sees Parliament dissolved

Prisoners, both condemned and pending trial, held in the Police HQs of Salonica have gone on hunger strike in protest for the conditions in their cells.

Prison uprising in Chios island, Greece

Uprising erupts in Chios' prison after repeated guard brutality against inmates who claim the prison is rife with torture.

Protest march climaxes struggle for the liberation of imprisoned December insurgents in Athens

The protest march of Saturday 11/4 marks a climax for the solidarity struggle regarding imprisoned insurgents of the December uprising in Athens