1929-1939: 25 Concentration Camps in England - ICG

The recurring theme of forced work for the unemployed.

Large-scale Massacre of Prisoners in Peru, 1986 - ICG

Peruvian prison

Poorly written but still interesting article about a massacre of prisoners in Peru in 1986.

Racist abuse continues in British prisons

John Bowden reports on the endemic racism and violence which still permeates the UK prison system.

Slave labour in Britain continues this Christmas

Contrary to popular belief slavery has NOT been abolished in Britain. Behind high walls and locked doors it still flourishes.

Review: Bad: the autobiography of James Carr

A review of James Carr's autobiography. Carr was a gang-member and jail-bird in 1960's California, became deeply politicized while inside but also developed a powerful critique of the nature of prisoners' struggles

Prison organising


Practical advice guides on supporting class struggle prisoners or surviving prison yourself, from letter-writing to prison slang, staying safe to getting involved in prison struggles.