The anti-CPE struggle report - Theorie Communiste

28 March demonstration

We summarise a text by Theorie Communiste which focusses on the internal contradictions of the movement, how official representative organisations undermined grassroots initiative and puts the protests in context with the riots of suburban youth.

The anti-CPE struggle
Extracts of an analysis by Theorie Communist


Occupation, not democracy! Greek student leaflet, 2006

Greek university occupation, Summer 2006

This is a short text then a copy of a leaflet by a group in Thessaloniki called Blaumachen, about the student movement opposed to education "reforms" in Greece around May and June 2006.

Occupation, not democracy!

Going east: Direct investments in Eastern Europe

New Toyota Peugeot Citroen Automobile in the Czech Republic

Article looking at the flow of investments from Germany (and elsewhere in Western Europe) to countries further east.

“Then I will leave and go to the east!”
What some decades ago might have been a defiant outcry of desillusioned lefty teachers, under the threat of dismissal due to their CP membership, is now taken up again and realised by the ‘class enemy’.

Foreign investments in the Czech Republic: Boom or fall? 2004

Czech factory

Article analysing foreign investment and business in the Czech Republic since 1989 and recent changes which are occuring.

Transformation towards private capitalism, which started after 1989, was at the beginning mainly affected by the struggle inside the old-new ruling class for the actual character of this change. Already in 1990 the Czech faction of bourgeoisie led by Vaclav Klaus, who was minister of finance and who later became the prime minister and who is now the present president, got the strongest position.

Migrant workers in the Czech Republic, 2005

One of Czech's many factories

An article about the situation of predominantly Slovakian and Ukrainian immigrant workers in the Czech Republic in 2005.

Between Repression and the Mafia

Migration, industry and struggles in Poland, 1956-2005

An analysis of Poland, its economy, its social and political history and how it has been shaped by workers' struggles past and present.

Behind the Border
It is only a one hour journey from Berlin to the German-Polish border, the supermarkets in Berlin offer Polish food, immigrants from Poland are part of daily life in the German capital - nevertheless there are not many direct contacts (apart from perhaps the punk scene). The ‘iron curtain’ is slow to dissolve, due to languages and the geographical location.

Strikes in Poland, early 2005

Information about various workers' struggles in and around Poland, including strikes by seamen, railworkers, car and telecoms workers in 2005.

Here is an update on recent struggles in and around Poland. More information in English can be found on a website run by the base-unionist ‘workers’ initiative’ from Poland:

Polish seamen on strike for eleven days in the docklands of Travemünde/Germany

Romania after the transition - restructuring and struggle, 2004

Energy workers strike, Romania 2007

Article looking at capitalist restructuring and economic changes in Romania, and the growing militancy of the working class.

Romania after the Transition
Promised Land and Class Struggle

Strike at Michelin in Zalau, Romania, 2005

Romanian Michelin HQ

Summary of an article about a strike for a 30% wage hike at Michelin in the Romanian newspaper Evenimentul Zilei, February 2005. The English is a little ropey but it is interesting nonetheless.

Thirty per cent more wage! Michelin Workers in Romania on Strike

Interview with an electronics worker in Romania, 2005

Romanian Selectron plant

Summary of a chat with a young guy who works for Solectron electronics in Timisoara, Romania, Summer 2004

About the international free trade zones in Romania
There used to be six free trade zones in Romania, where foreign investors were supposed to invest in low tax paradises. Today only one zone remains

About Solectron