The housing monster -

A beautifully illustrated book by which takes one seemingly simple thing - a house - and examines the social relations around it. From the construction site to the city, from gender roles to unions, what starts as a look at the house broadens into a critique of capitalism as a whole.

How a capitalist restaurant functions

An extract of Abolish Restaurants which outlines and explains the production process in a capitalist restaurant, which we feel is instructive of how capitalist entities function in general.

Capitalist society poster

Inspired by the old I.W.W. "pyramid of capitalist system", this poster is a portrayal of class society as it appears to us today, drawn by

Proletariwhat? on class and the meaning of "proletarian".

Lavoro comunità politica guerra -

Il manifesto di, tradotto in Italiano da

Abolish restaurants: A worker's critique of the food service industry

Abolish Restaurants is a beautifully illustrated guide to the daily misery, stress, boredom, and alienation of restaurant work, as well as the ways in which restaurant workers fight against it.

Work. Community. Politics. War. -

Work. Community. Politics. War. -

US libertarian communist website's illustrated call to arms to the workers of the world. In text and PDF format.