Midnight Notes Journal

An online archive of journals produced by the Midnight Notes Collective.

Western Clarion

Western Clarion British Columbia 1910 masthead

Western Clarion (1903-1925) was a newspaper of the Socialist Party of Canada.

Socialist Labor Party of America

Socialist Labor Party pamphlets

Socialist Labor Party pamphlets cover images

Woman's Voice

A copy of La Voz de la Mujer

English translations of the Argentinian anarchist communist feminist publication La Voz de la Mujer (Woman's Voice) from 1896-7.

Socialist Studies

Socialist Studies

Socialist Studies is a quarterly journal published since 1989 originally by Camden and North West London branches of the SPGB and subsequently the group of the same name formed by some of the members of the dissolved branches.

Rocks Ahead!

Rocks Ahead!

Rocks Ahead! and Another Political Wreck, the pamphlets from Islington branch of the SPGB in 1906

Socialist View - World Socialist Party of Ireland


Full archive of Socialist View, the publication of the World Socialist Party of Ireland, a companion party of the World Socialist Movement

La Voz de la Mujer

Periódico comunista-anárquico (Argentina, 1896). La Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (Argentina) ha editado una reproducción facsímil de “La Voz de la Mujer”, Periódico comunista-anárquico, editado en Buenos Aires a finales del siglo pasado, entre 1896 y 1897.

The Socialist

The Socialist

The Socialist, publication during the 1930s of the Socialist Educational Society (SES) out of which formed the World Socialist Party of the United States, companion party of the World Socialist Movement