The People newspaper

The People newspaper

Partial online archive of The People, a US socialist publication in the 1890s.

Industrial Solidarity newspaper

A partial archive of Industrial Solidarity, a newspaper of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) produced out of Chicago. IS replaced Solidarity in 1921 and eventually merged with the Industrial Worker in 1931.

Anarkio: Bulteno

Monata bulteno eldonas per grupo tio partorpenas en COB-AIT grupo pore anarkismo-sindikatismo el Brazilo.


Archive of issues of Resistance, an anarchist publication produced out of New York from 1947-1954.

Committee for Academic Freedom in Africa newsletter

South African students demonstrate, 2015

The eighteen newsletters published by the Committee for Academic Freedom in Africa between1991 and 2003.

Western Socialist color covers

Western Socialist 1976 Fall cover

Western Socialist color covers mainly 1976-1978

The Mother Earth Bulletin

A Bulletin which accompanied the magazine.

Mother Earth

An archive of the famous early 20th century Anarchist magazine.

Communist Interventions series of readers

A series of readers by the Communist Research Cluster from Oakland, California and Brooklyn, New York, founded in 2014 publishing abridged readers on various aspects of communism and class struggle.

There are now three volumes in the Communist Interventions series. These cover the European socialist and communist traditions, the US Black revolutionary tradition, and the revolutionary feminisms of the West. A fourth volume will turn to the anti-imperialist or anti-colonial traditions, as well as their critics, and a fifth to anarchist and anarcho-syndicalists traditions. Other volumes may appear in the future.

Worldwide Intifada #1

The first intifada

We are reproducing here a long extant pamphlet that is referred to in the Aufheben article, Behind the 21st century intifada. It was published in 1992.