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The newspapers of the Young Lords Organization

Y.L.O. Number 2, May 1969, cover

Attached are digital copies of nearly all the newspapers published by the Young Lords Organization in Chicago and Milwaukee between 1969-71. We do not agree with much of the politics of the newspapers, but reproduce them for reference.

From gang-bangers to urban revolutionaries: the Young Lords of Chicago

An essay on Chicago's Young Lords Organization, a Puerto Rican radical group started by former gang members in the 1960s.

Originally appeared in Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society (199cool, Vol. 96, No. 3 (Autumn, 2003)

Havana hub: Cuban anarchism, radical media and the Trans-Caribbean anarchist network, 1902-1915

An essay on Caribbean anarchists and their newspaper ¡Tierra! .


The Young Lords Party: examining its deficit of democracy and decline

A critique of the Young Lords lack of internal democracy and its contribution towards their decline. We do not agree with some aspects of this article (positive perspective on nationalism, democratic centralism), but feel it provides some other valuable information.

The Black Panthers are famous. Even today, the image of the defiant black radical, often with gun in hand and beret atop the head, endures in the popular imagination. The names of the black militant leaders, from Huey P. Newton to Bobby Seale to Malcolm X, are widely known.

An Interview with the Comité Organizador de la 3ra Conferencia Anual de la NAASN, Puerto Rico

An interview with some organizers of the 3rd North American Anarchist Studies Network conference. The interview touches upon why the conference was held in Puerto Rico and the existence of anarchism on the island.

Q Interest in having Puerto Rico host this conference began a long time ago – I know that in Toronto last year the idea was certainly floated around, and people on the listserv began suggesting it immediately afterwards. What was the initial reaction to the idea among Puerto Rican anarchists? Who picked up and ran with the idea in the early stages?

The Italianization of Puerto Rico: a reflection on social struggles against university policies in the world's oldest colony

A former University of Puerto Rico professor briefly describes the imposition of austerity on the UPR, the struggle in response and the similarities to the Italian experience.

Dismantling a public education system in a country with strong background of political struggles requires a mitigated form of neoliberal strategy. Shutting down a whole language department, which is happening at SUNY Albany, is something you can do in certain areas of the United States. But it is a whole different story in a hot and participatory place like Italy.

The Young Lords and early Chicago Puerto Rican gangs

An interview with Chicago Puerto Rican historian Mervin Mendez conducted by Erika Rodriguez for the Chicago Gang History Project. In it Mendez explains the context for the development of Puerto Rican gangs in Chicago.

Based on your knowledge, what can you tell me about the political and social conditions for Puerto Ricans in Chicago, and where do the Young Lords come in with relation to all of this?

The Young Lords: A reader: “Health and hospitals”

A selection of writings on healthcare by the Young Lords. We do not agree with the politics but reproduce it for reference.

Adequate health care for the poor was one of the chief demands of the Young Lords. Faced with a health-care crisis on various fronts, the Young Lords (together with the Health Revolutionary Unity Movement) started lead poisoning and tuberculosis testing programs, took over Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, and demanded equal treatment of all Third World peoples.

University of Puerto Rico Students Clash with Riot Police at University Plaza

Photo account of the demonstration and attack by riot police during the shut down of the administrative building at the University Plaza of the Rio Piedras campus of the University of Puerto Rico in the morning of January 13th, 2011.

UPR Students Clash with Riot Police at University Plaza
by CMI-Puerto Rico Friday, Jan. 14, 2011 at 5:38 PM

Spanish source with photos: http://pr.indymedia.org/news/2011/01/46923.php

Capetillo, Luisa - a biography

Short biography of Puerto Rican anarchist, feminist and labor agitator.

This month we celebrate the Discovery of Puerto Rico on November 17. It is important to celebrate not only our culture, music and food, but also to remember those who came before us, without whom we might not be where we are. Among those historical figures is a Puerto Rican woman who could very well have lived in modern times. Her name is Luisa Capetillo.