Reclaiming the skinhead tradition - review of "Spirit of '69" by George Marshall

Review of a book about Skinhead culture, taken from issue 2 of Anti-Fascist Action's Fighting Talk magazine.

Nostalgia in the UK

An article by the Bash Street Kids looking at the history of UK anarchism in the 1980s. This article was first published as part of Smash Hits Bulletin #3, and was subsequently made available on the internet by uncarved.org.

Punk rock's silver jubilee

Sex Pistols - Pistols at the Palace

From Socialist Standard June 2002

The Story of Crass & The Day The Country Died

Two complementary books revisiting the experience of anarcho-punk provide fascinating insights into the evolution and development of the movement.

The WOW factor: Wollongong’s unemployed and the dispossession of class and history

The following is the text of a paper delivered to the first biennial Wollongong History Conference hosted by the University of Wollongong in June, 2007. The theme for the conference was Memory, Heritage and Place: Wollongong’s Changing History.

Chumbawamba’s long voyage

An article by Aaron Lake Smith about the anarchist rock group Chumbawamba, who broke up in 2012.

The problem with hip hop: patriarchy, proletarians and revolutionary culture

An article by Crudo about hip-hop as culture of the working class and some of the problems within the music.

Short history of Neo-Nazi skinhead subculture in Croatia

Hrvatski Nacionalisti

A short history of Croatian Neo-Nazi skinhead subculture.

The Basic Alternative Education of a Chinese Punk

Translation of an autobiographical essay by Tang Shui'en, mainland Chinese anarchist musician and activist, recounting his path from childhood in 1980s rural China to participation in Wuhan's pioneering punk scene since the late 1990s, interaction with overseas anarchists and other radicals, and experimentation with independent media and an autonomous youth center. Written in early 2009 for a forum on social space among the generation of Chinese mainlanders born in the 1980s, organized by the Shao Foundation. Original Chinese text here.