Belgium: Strikes across rail network

Last Thursday a wildcat strike by train drivers at the Belgian station of Termonde lead to the cancellation of many services, a spokesman for the railway claimed not to know what had triggered the unofficial action.

Australia: Railway workers walk off over safety

Pacific National railway workers went on unofficial strike on Sunday, reportedly over safety issues.

Egyptian railway drivers on strike

Last Saturday (20 January), at 12 noon, railway drivers of the railway agency announced the beginning of a strike in protest of the continued enforcement of article 18 of the bylaws considering the replacement of drivers suffering chronic illness.

Commuter fare strike hits Bath and Bristol trains

Hundreds of people yesterday refused to buy tickets for First Great Western rail services in the Bristol and Bath area, instead presenting fake "cattle class" tickets in protest at service cuts and fare hikes.

Israeli bosses demand legal action against general strike

Israeli public sector workers' picket line in 2003

An almost total shutdown of Israeli industry following a general strike has been threatened with legal action after The Manufacturers Association and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce have asked the National Labour Court to end the strike.

A new kind of strike in France (Citroën etc.), 2005

CTA public hearings and rider outrage continue, 26 Oct 2004

First day of fare strike descends on Chicago, 15 Dec 2004

Chicago transit fare strike – so far, so good… 16 Dec 2004

Report from final CTA hearing, 28 Oct 2004