CPE: Youths give lesson in solidarity

News and videos of transport blockades mostly by high school pupils and young people.

Guingamp in Brittany

Photos from Gare du Nord yesterday

Photos just in of the blockade by around 2,000 students and high school pupils of Gare du Nord yesterday.

See the full set at libcom.org/gallery.

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6 April: Villepin makes major speech amidst mass transport blockades

A round-up of news from the anti-CPE struggle in France, including Villepin's speech and responses, and the transport blockades across the country.

- Four student demonstrators and one policeman were injured on Thurday, the 6th April. At the end of the aftermoon, the police force removed some 450 students who were blocking the railways on the North Matabiau station and stopped traffic for an hour and half. According to the local authority, the five injured people were transferred to the hospital.

4 April: CPE protest live updates

Hour-by-hour coverage of the day of strikes, demonstrations and further blockades and occupations across France against the new employment law.


Lyon and Marseille blockade updates

A report on student protests from Lyon II University, and an unconfirmed report of a student wounded by a car driver who drove into demonstrators in Marseille.

Thursday 30th March

More spontaneous blockades

A round-up of some of yesterday's (31 March) school and office occupations and blockades of roads and railways against the CPE.

Late Friday night up to 10,000 were said to be still be in the streets after a protest at Chiracs announcement that he would promulgate the controversial CPE.

Round up of earlier events

Gare de Lyon blockade - photos

Photos from todays two hour long blockade of the Gare de Lyon train station in central Paris.

Sporadic protests and blockades across Brittany this afternoon

A round-up of some of this afternoon's events in Brittany, where like across France, high school and university students have been protesting against the CPE.

Earlier blockades and protests have been reported already.

Teargas used as 400 high school students occupy Lorient station

2,000+ invade Gare de Lyon train station, Paris

Marseille rail blockade

tf1 is reporting that over a thousand youths have invaded the Gare de Lyon train station in Paris. Le Figaro is now putting the number involved at 2,000, saying they have occupied the TGV lines.

Report from Indymedia Paris
15.45 Thursday 30th March Paris: At the Gare de Lyon. 3,000 people have blocked the tracks forcing cancellations of TGV and regional commuter trains.

CPE protests: Blockades across France

Charlemagne High School, Paris, occupied 28 March

Brief reports of the road and rail blockades across the country last Thursday 28 March, and updates on the mushrooming high school occupations as 62% declare solidarity with the anti-CPE movement.

Latest Poll
62% of French 'united', or 'in solidarity' with the anti-CPE movement (LCI poll)

Groups of a hundred in moving blockades, Lille