Documents on cleaners' strikes in Paris and Milan, 2002

Major rail strike affects France

Job losses, worksened working conditions and fear of privatisation led to strikes across France on Wednesday.

US: Rail bosses sue over "sick-out" wildcat strike

Between September 22 and 24, 80% of the Salt Lake City area's train engineers called in sick in a row over working hours. Now Union Pacific are suing their union.

Heathrow Express strike tomorrow

More than seventy RMT members are set to go on strike at Heathrow Express on Thursday, after rejecting a pay offer by a margin of 12 to 1.

1922: The Hong Kong strike

The history of a huge general strike in Hong Kong which won many concessions, including a 20% pay hike.

The Pullman railway strike, 1894 - Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn on the history of the militant struggle of workers at the Pullman railway car company in Chicago against wage cuts and sackings, in which over 30 were killed in savage repression by over 14,000 police, militia and soldiers.

The great railroad strike, 1877 - Howard Zinn

Sketch of the Chicago Battle of the Viaduct during the Great Railroad Strike.

Howard Zinn's short history of the biggest industrial dispute in American history by that time, shutting down half the country's rail network.

Rail workers wildcat in Cork

Cork wildcat

Maintenance staff at Kent Station in Cork have been on strike since mid-day Tuesday.

900 strike at South West Trains

900 workers at South West Trains walk out in a row over management scabbing.

Safety on the railways?

Health and safety campaigners have welcomed the jailing of a rail boss, found guilty of killing four maintenance workers who died when a runaway wagon ploughed into them. Mark Connell, 44, had deliberately dismantled the brakes on two of his wagons in order to save money.