London Underground strike threat wins reinstatement for unfairly sacked driver

Six days of strikes on the London Underground by the RMT union have been called off after management agreed to reinstate a sacked train driver.

Strikes were originally called to demand the reinstatement of four drivers over their involvement in the previous strikes against job cuts in October 2010 (pictured).

These were called off when three workers were reinstated or re-engaged (meaning re-employed on the same pay but in a different job) and it was agreed that Arwyn Thomas would also be reinstated.

Workmates: direct action workplace organising on the London Underground

Pamphlet cover

In the late 1990s, plans to outsource track maintenance on the London Underground were being pushed through by the government. Workers at one depot responded by forming a new workplace group, both inside and outside the existing union, the RMT. This pamphlet charts the highs and lows of the Workmates collective, highlighting their successes and failures, their radically democratic organising method and their creative forms of direct action. We hope it can provide an inspiration to other workers frustrated with the limits of the existing workplace organisations.


Workmates: direct action workplace organising on the London Underground - Review

Track maintenance staff at work

A review by Steven Johns of the Solidarity Federation pamphlet Workmates: direct action workplace organising on the London Underground.

Portugal shut down by general strike

Nearly empty check-in a hall of Lisbon's international airport.

A 24-hour general strike protesting the government’s austerity policies largely paralysed Portugal on Wednesday, with planes grounded, trains cancelled and rubbish going uncollected.

Unions hailed the action as a massive success. The national strike is Portugal’s first since 2007, and the first called jointly by the two big trade union confederations, CGTP and UGT, in 22 years.

Urban transport in Italy - Mouvement Communiste

A Milan tram

An account and analysis of the December 2003-January 2004 wildcat strike movement of Italian transport workers over national pay negotiations.

Truck drivers and railway workers strike in Greece

After the August thaw between the Greek government and the fuel carrying truck drivers, the latter are once again showing their teeth, while railway workers defy court ruling and strike.

The thaw between fuel carrying truck drivers and the Greek government lasted little more than a month, and that month being August, it has proved to be but a tactical move by the union which brought Greece to a standstill for a week last July and forced the government to employ civil conscription against strikers.

UK workplace news roundup, August 2010

Recent industrial news from the UK, including transport strikes in Liverpool, walkouts at West Lothian Council and Southampton libraries, and strike ballots for London firefighters, ambulance drivers, and tube staff.

Bin workers strike at West Lothian council

Refuse workers at West Lothian Council have taken strike action over a pay cut being imposed as part of the downgrading of their jobs.

All refuse workers face a job downgrade which will amount to a cut of at least £2,800 a year. The first 24-hour strike took place on Friday the 27th of August, and was sanctioned by the GMB union.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Underground Rail Transport in Buenos Aires:
Successful Struggles against the consequences of privatisation

by Alix Arnold, from ILA no. 333, March 2010 – translation by friends of The Commune

Metro strike in Athens in response to mass lay offs threat

Metro workers in Athens have decided to strike for a third continuing day in response to the lay-off threat to 286 colleagues last week. Meanwhile the Greek government is unveiling labour relations sweeping changes.

The Metro workers' stance in response to a threat to fire 286 colleagues in Athens has been portrayed by the media as a torment to the general public amidst the current heat wave that has plunged Athens to temperatures of 40C and beyond.

Greece a month later, continuing reactions to the measures

A month after the huge general strike march of the 5th of May and the tragic event that accompanied it, Greek workers' reactions to the austerity measures continue.

A full month has passed since what many believe to have been the biggest and most powerful protest march in Greece in the 36 years since the founding of the Republic: the May 5th general strike march in Athens which ended in the tragic death of 3 bank workers as a result of an arson attack against Marfin Bank's central branch on Stadiou street.