Georgia inmates beaten with hammers during 2010 prisoners' strike - new video released

Image created to commemorate the 2010 Georgia prisoners' strike

New video evidence has been publicly released showing Georgia prison guards beating inmates with a "hammer-like object" in the aftermath of the 2010 prisoner's strike against forced labour. The strike was one of the largest in US history and was met with violent repression.

Trigger warning: footage and descriptions of violence, images of injuries

The video, taken on 31st December 2010, shows Kelvin Stevenson and Miguel Jackson being restrained by guards while while other guards beat them with what appears to be a hammer. Eye witnesses report that Stevenson was handcuffed at the time.

Things women say that you hate hearing all the time

Relax, that's not actually Valerie Solanas

A short response to "things lib-communists say that you hate hearing all the time", on being accused of sexism, and in jokes.

This thread seemed to nose-dive after the conversation took its inevitable turn towards talking about how words like "manarchist" and "privilege theory" and "kneecapping" get thrown around anarchism a bit too much.

Room to breathe in defence of the NHS

Failed by the NHS, part of BBC3's It's A Mad World season

A documentary on the failures of NHS treatment for young people with mental health problems prompted a vocal defence of the NHS. Can we criticise the shortcomings of NHS mental health care whilst arguing against NHS privatisation?

Failed by the NHS aired last night as part of a BBC 3 season on mental health. The programme followed Jonny Benjamin, a 26 year old with schizoaffective disorder, as he met other young people who have had to struggle to access NHS care for their mental health needs.

It makes us sick: notes on affective labour, sanity, and post-Fordism

The division of leisure time is an insult - Abigail Rebakah Barr

A slightly polished version of a short talk for a panel discussion on post-Fordism and mental health with Hannah Black and Mark Fisher, as part of Auto Italia South East's Immaterial Labour Isn't Working 2013 event series.

From the 1970s onwards Marxist feminists paid close attention to the role of affective labour and caring work1, and expanded our understanding of what counts as “work” into

  • 1. by which I mean traditionally “pink collar” occupations such as nursing, social care and so on

“The revolution starts in the ATOS smoking area” - on welfare, addiction, and dependency

If anyone knows who to credit this picture to please let us know

A blog about welfare reform from a social care worker's perspective, and the creation of the "welfare addict" as a recession-era scapegoat. Inspired largely by today's Novara show, and the people I work with.

I've got a personal grudge against a colleague of mine. I know this is bad for workplace solidarity. A month ago I sat in the office filling out a service user's DLA1

  • 1. Disability Living Allowance – a non-means-tested benefit intended to cover the additional costs of having long term care or mobility needs.

Guilt, choice, and responsibility in the austerity kitchen

Some thoughts on low-income cooking, health, guilt, and the punishment of the poor.

Food has always been characterised with angst, guilt, and worry for me. As a teenager I was dangerously underweight and tried to remedy this by stuffing my face with processed food, fizzy drinks, cakes and chocolate, in the hope that I'd develop a body shape other than that of an etoilated ten year old. I mostly just passed out a lot after the sugar rush had plummeted away.

Pakistani truckers on strike, blockading NATO supplies

Transport workers at a rally in Karachi, 9th Jan 2013

Truckers delivering NATO supplies to isolated coalition ground troops in Afghanistan have gone on strike, in protest against lower pay, poor security, and corrupt customs officials who demand bribes from the truckers. The unions are calling for other transport workers throughout the region to join the strike action.

Jehanzeb Khan, president of Khyber Trailers Drivers and Workers Union, announced the strike on 8th of January. The strike comes after the deaths and kidnapping of many truckers and crew members bringing supplies to Afghanistan, whose families have yet to be compensated for their loss.

Italian miners barricade themselves underground with 350kg of explosives to prevent pit closure

100 Sardinian workers in Italy's only coal mine have barricaded themselves into the Carbosulcis mine overnight, with 350kg of company explosives. The occupation comes ahead of a government meeting to decide the future of the pit.

The mine has a history of worker's occupations, having previously been occupied in 1984, 1993, and 1995, when it was occupied for 100 days.

The mine has decreased in productivity in recent years, and the workers want to see the mine diversified into a combined mining and carbon capture site, instead of being closed altogether.

Benefits withdrawn to punish low-waged workers for striking

Iain Duncan Smith breaks strikes and tortures kittens

The "right to strike" in the UK comes under further attack today, as Iain Duncan Smith announces plans to withdraw Working Tax Credit for workers who take strike action.

The new Universal Credit model of benefit payments, part of a massive overhaul of the welfare state which is systematically attacking the living standards of the most vulnerable sections of the working class, includes plans to restrict payments to those who take industrial action.

Mauritanian mining strike over - workers win their demands

Tasiast gold mine (photo CGTM)

This time last week libcom reported on striking gold miners in Mauritania - after five days of strike action, the miners have won their demands and returned to work.

The miner's union, the General Confederation of Mauritanian Workers (CGTM) reports that 1,500 workers staged a sit-in at the Tasiast mine during the strike, bringing all production to a halt. This is estimated to have cost Kinross, the Canadian firm who own the mine, around $43,300 per hour.