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Capitalism and planning

Blog post about the idea that planning and capitalism are different things.

I remember a lot of talk in the air growing up about The Market and how it would take care of things if we just trust it. This vision is in part a political claim about the actions of the state and other actors, that the market will just take care of things if only people would stop messing around politically trying to control economic activity.

On Italian Workerism

This text was published as an afterword to the Italian publication of Steve Wright's book on Italian workerism (Storming Heaven). It was also presented at the Fifth Historical Materialism Annual Conference "Many Marxisms‟ (7–9 November 2008). This translation into English was done by Steve Wright.

On Italian Workerism
by Riccardo Bellofiore & Massimiliano Tomba

Between Panzieri and Negri: Mario Tronti and the workerism of the 1960s and 1970s

Raniero Panzieri, right.

This is the text of Bellofiore’s lecture at the 2006 Historical Materialism conference. It gives an overview of the Italian marxist tradition known as operaismo and some of its core writers.

Between Panzieri and Negri: Mario Tronti and the workerism of the 1960s and 1970s
by Riccardo Bellofiore

Panzieri Tronti Theses

Raniero Panzieri.

In his introduction in Aut Aut, Dario Lanzardo says that these 'could be' entitled 'Theses On The Party' but the authors never referred to them that way.

"Panzieri-Tronti Theses" (1962)

1. Deviation between the logic of _Capital_ and analysis of the factory

Enchantment of method and a blockage of research. The terrain of study and of experimentation (hypothesis): no formula can resolve the problem.

1.1. Verification is given by/in struggle
- struggle as anticipation
- hypothesis as provocation (knowledge).

Socialist Uses of Workers Inquiry

Socialist uses of workers’ inquiry*
Raniero Panzieri

The best way to shed light on the question of the ‘political aims of inquiry’ is to go back to a debate in Marxism.

Surplus value and planning

Surplus value and planning: notes on the reading of 'Capital'

Raniero Panzieri

The capitalist use of machinery: Marx versus the objectivists - Raniero Panzieri

Italian Marxist Raniero Panzieri on the capitalist use of technology and machines.

Introduction to Panzieri