Red and Black Notes

Revolutionary Organisation and Class Consciousness - Red and Black Notes

The following article is the text of a speech delivered at a public meeting to discuss revolutionary organizations and class consciousness on Saturday February 26, 2005 in Toronto.

Is the East still red? - Notes on China - Red and Black Notes

Red and Black Notes look at the nature of modern Chinese society.

Review - Change the world without taking power by John Holloway - Red and Black Notes

Red and Black Notes review of Change the World without Taking Power by John Holloway. The full text of this can be found here.

The Socialist Party of Great Britain - One Hundred Years - Red and Black Notes

Red and Black Notes critically look back on the history of the SPGB at the time of the 100 year anniversary.

Some thoughts for Monsieur Dupont - Monsieur Dubois

Further contribution to the debate between Monsieur Dupont and Red and Black Notes by a Red and Black Notes reader. Previous articles in this exchange can be found here, here and here.

The factory committee: motor of the social revolution - Benjamin Péret

Article by Benjamin Péret arguing for the power of the factory committee as a vehicle for revolutionary change.

Why Did the Los Angeles Supermarket Strike End in Defeat? - Letter to Red and Black Notes

The following letter from Internationalism, the US section of the International Communist current, is a comment on an article published in the last issue of R&BN on the failure of the 2003-2004 LA supermarket strikes.

Unions: A revolutionary critique - Red and Black Notes

Article by Red and Black Notes, advancing a communist anti-union position, looking at the way unions serve to nullify dissent and channel struggle in "acceptable" directions.