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General strike over prices brings Belgium to a halt

A nationwide strike against rising prices disrupted transport, retailing and manufacturing across Belgium on Monday.

Low-paid workers strike and protest at multiple stores

Strike at Hamilton, New Zealand, McDonald's in October '08

In Auckland and Hamilton low-paid workers at McDonald's and the Farmers department store are striking and protesting for better pay and working conditions.

Bitter death in a chocolate factory

Factory puts profit over safety.

Argos strike 'solid'

The 24 hour strike at Argos which started today over a sub-inflation pay offer is described by Unite union officials as 'rock solid'.

Twenty New York IWW members fired

Twenty IWW members have been fired from a food distributing warehouse in New York.

Mexico: 250 Corona bottle makers fired for forming an independent union

More than 250 employees of a factory that manufactures beer bottles for Corona (amongst others) in San Luis Potosí have been fired for associating with a legally recognised independent union. The factory's owners are also purging the factory of sympathisers of the sacked workers.

France: workers strike, many win

Restaurant and tire workers have won strikes with a bus drivers' strike ongoing.

France: unprecedented national strike hits retail sector

According to unions up to 80% of workers in supermarkets across the country joined in the strike action on Friday.

Canada: support workers strike at New Brunswick Community College

500 workers, including lab technicians and canteen, security and cleaning staff, are currently striking over pay.

France: workers' blockades attacked by police

Fourteen, mostly female, striking workers required treatment after police charged their blockades.