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Bitter death in a chocolate factory

Factory puts profit over safety.

Argos strike 'solid'

The 24 hour strike at Argos which started today over a sub-inflation pay offer is described by Unite union officials as 'rock solid'.

Twenty New York IWW members fired

Twenty IWW members have been fired from a food distributing warehouse in New York.

Mexico: 250 Corona bottle makers fired for forming an independent union

More than 250 employees of a factory that manufactures beer bottles for Corona (amongst others) in San Luis Potosí have been fired for associating with a legally recognised independent union. The factory's owners are also purging the factory of sympathisers of the sacked workers.

France: workers strike, many win

Restaurant and tire workers have won strikes with a bus drivers' strike ongoing.

France: unprecedented national strike hits retail sector

According to unions up to 80% of workers in supermarkets across the country joined in the strike action on Friday.

Canada: support workers strike at New Brunswick Community College

500 workers, including lab technicians and canteen, security and cleaning staff, are currently striking over pay.

France: workers' blockades attacked by police

Fourteen, mostly female, striking workers required treatment after police charged their blockades.

Poultry strikers demand better working conditions

Over 40 workers at the Delmon Poultry Company in Bahrain staged a wildcat strike yesterday.

Job loss at Cadbury UK as Polish state plans subsidies for corporation

Capitalist greed leads corporation to cut labour costs to the bone. Will workers and consumers fight back, asks Laure Akai?