Ricardo Flores Magon

The Road to Freedom Vol. 1, No. 7 (May 1925)

The May 1925 issue of The Road to Freedom, an anarchist newspaper published out of New Jersey and New York from 1924-1932. Contributors include Marcus Graham, Ricardo Flores Magon, Herbert Spencer, Rabindranath Tagore and Harry Kelly.

Broken Barricades: The Oaxaca Rebellion in Victory, Defeat, and Beyond - Collective Reinventions

Oaxaca street barricade, 2006

An analysis of the 2006 Oaxaca rebellion and its contradictions. Its diversity encompassed workers, indigenous groups, Stalinists, anarchists and others. Its weapons and tactics included general assemblies, strikes, barricades, mirrors and fireworks.

Revolutionary syndicalism in Mexico - John M. Hart

A short history of Mexican revolutionary syndicalism, which dominated the early labour movement prior to and during the Mexican Revolution.

Magon, Ricardo Flores, 1873-1922

Ricardo Flores Magon

A short biography of Ricardo Flores Magon, the Mexican anarchist who took part in the Mexican revolution and was imprisoned several times throughout his life.

Letter to Miss Erma Barsky

In this letter to a friend, Ricardo Flores Magon expresses his feelings on being locked up for being an anarchist...

Letter to Mr. Harry Weinberger

In this letter by Ricardo Flores Magon, he gives a personal account of all the repressive action taken against him by both the American and Mexican governments...

Without Bosses

The famous Mexican anarchist states why we'd be better off without bosses and governments...


"No, there is no need to fear life without government; we long for it with all of our hearts."

The Right of Property

Written in the midst of the Mexican Revolution, a critique of private property...

To Women

Written during the Mexican Revolution, Ricardo Flores Magon addresses women and their social conditions...