There's a riot goin' on - The Red Menace

Article drawing parallels between the struggles of the late 1960s and late 1980s in Berkeley, California.

The elite and community protests in South Africa

Shawn Hattingh gives an anarchist view on the community and workers revolt sweeping South Africa.

Mass rebellion in South Africa

In South Africa the state is being confronted by an eruption of self organised popular protest on a scale not seen since the 1980s. This article, from the mainstream press there, gives a much better overview than the articles in the British press that miss the politics of the rebellion.

Uyghur commoners against the new enclosures in Xinjiang, China

Chinese paramilitary police officers patrol in Urumqi, Xinjiang province.

The latest popular riots in Xinjiang highlight not only the ongoing contradictions within current Chinese-style neoliberal capitalism but also the historically long-standing opposition among various minorities against an ethnically dominant state power in China.

One dead, dozens injured as quarry workers in Egypt clash with police

A policeman died and dozens of people were injured when thousands of quarry workers and owners clashed with police in Egypt on Thursday.

New clashes in Grammatico over open refuse dump

Clashes break out again over XYTA construction between locals and riot police with three protesters arrested.

Strikes, hunger strikes and clashes in Greece

Strikes, hunger strikes and environmental action leading to clashes with riot police open week after weekend of state terror in Greece.

China: three days of rioting over suspicious death

Residents of Shishou clash with riot police

Residents of the city of Shishou in the central province of Hubei fought police and set fire to a hotel after authorities labeled the death of a chef at a hotel a “suicide”.

Protests in south-east China force repeal of new tax law

Protesters in Jiangxi province blocked the highway and overturned police cars

The Chinese state news service, Xinhua, reported on the 16th of June that violent protests in the south-east province of Jiangxi had forced authorities to repeal a new tax law.

Mass antiracist march in Athens ends in serious clashes

scene from the clashes

The first mass antiracist protest march of the week, organised by anarchists, clash with strong riot police forces and a handful of collaborating nazis leading to long street battles around the coveted Agios Panteleimonas area.