Photo gallery: student protests in Rome, 14 December 2010

As Berlusconi wins a vote of confidence, students continue to protest the new education reforms. News report here.

14/12/2010: An account of today's protests in Italy

As Berlusconi wins a vote of confidence in Parliament, the Italy Calling blog reports of protesters taking to the streets in Rome, engaging in running street battles with the police.

France, autumn 2010: The blockade of the economy as an obvious fact

Here is finally the very rough and draft translation of GCI-ICG's text about the recent class struggles in France, we published in French on November 15th. Improvements to this translation will come later and can be directly downloaded in PDF version while clicking on the title here below. Good reading... and waiting for your comments and criticism.

Breaking glass, building solidarity?

A campaign of demonisation has started against the students who trashed Tory HQ on Wednesday, who are being portrayed as unthinking thugs. We re-publish here an article about what happened at Millbank by one of the participants.

The students are revolting - report on the occupation of Millbank Tower

Photo by Henry Langston

A report on the demonstration and attack on the Tory headquarters by students and education workers against cuts by the Anarchist Federation.

Students smash Tory headquarters

A first person report of the 10 November demonstration against huge hikes in university tuition fees which ended in the occupation and vandalism of the Conservative Party offices.

Tailoring to needs - garment worker struggles in Bangladesh

Garment workers protest - May 2010

A general overview and analysis of developments in the garment worker struggles we have been covering for the past few years.

Iran: Popular discontent reaches the surface - Mouvement Communiste

Mouvement Communiste analyse the mass protest movement which swept Iran in 2009 following the reelection of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and provoked the most serious political crisis that the regime since the Iran-Iraq war.

China: trouble in the world's sweatshop

China is experiencing a rising wave of industrial unrest, as workers increasingly turn to collective action to fight against their exploitation.

Malaysia: migrant workers protest ends in victory

The migrant workers' protest (previously reported on which took place at an electronics factory has ended in a resounding victory for the workers.