Tension on labour and prison fronts in Greece

Tension is building up on both labour and prison front in Greece, with 3000 prisoners refusing food across the country, and workers from different sectors staging marches and occupations

Three dead in garment workers' clashes - unions promised new role

Garment workers protest

The latest clashes in the highly charged arena of the Bangladeshi garment industry...

Iran 2009: A new attempt?

Wildcat analyse the demonstrations and riots sparked during the Iranian elections of 2009.

Athens anti-torture demo leads to clashes and occupation of city hall

Anti-torture demo, over death of electroshocked immigrant, leads to clashes with riot police, arrests and occupation of city hall, in Nikea, an industrial suburb of Athens.

Shipyard workers clash with police in Athens

Shipyard workers clashed with police forces in Athens after the workers blocked the exit of the minister of Labour from his ministry following inconclusive negotiations.

Anti-IMF demonstration in Istanbul photo gallery

Photographs from the 2009 demonstrations against the International Monetary Fund in Istanbul, Turkey.

Socialist Party Hq evacuated during anarchist attack in Athens

The Socialist Party (Pasok) Headquarters in Athens were evacuated when they came under sustained attack by anarchists early on Friday evening. The attack is believed to mark the first reaction to the arrest of the 4 youngsters accused of urban guerrilla activities.

Mass class protest march in Salonica, riots in Athens

Thousands march in "independent class" protest march in Salonica, putting party-controlled unions to shame, while anti-police riots break out anew in Athens.

The rebellious passage of a proletarian minority through a brief period of time - TPTG

Greece - December 2008

An analysis of the Greek rebellion of December 2008 and the post-rebellion developments as aspects of the crisis of capitalist relations in Greece.