War-Zone Athens: three people dead, many buildings burning as general strike march turns into a battle

Three people have suffocated to death as a result of a fire in Marfin Bank during ongoing battles between anti-measure protesters and police in Athens.

Athens May Day erupts in battles

Labour May the 1st has erupted in pitched battles in Athens with many arrests and two people seriously injured.

Violence erupts at Chinese dam eviction

Protesters at the Pubugou Dam in 2004.

Violence erupts at Pubugou dam in China’s Sichuan province as authorities try to move people; homeowners threatened to blow themselves up if police move in to demolish homes.

"When they come to attack our people, we will stand our ground and fight!"

A poster produced by the Sheffield Asian Youth Movement

The third article in the Fargate Speaker's series on Sheffield radical history.

Broom Hall Burning

Anne Knight

The second article in the Fargate Speaker's series on Sheffield's radical history.

Battle Ground Athens: second general strike leads to pitched battles

More than 150,000 people took to the streets of Athens against the austerity measures in a mass protest marches that have led to extended battles in the greek capital.

Peasant women's protest during collectivisation - Lynne Viola

A history of women's riots against collectivization in Stalin's Russia.

Long battles erupt in Athens protest march

Long battles erupted today at the Athens protest march against the measures. The GSEE union boss was heavily beaten by protesters while battles with the cops developed for 3 hours all across the centre of the city after riot police attacked anti-Nazi resistance symbol Manolis Glezos

Riot at Old Station, Faridabad

An account of a commuter riot against poor service in India, 2006.

From BPO to riot – proletarian students in NOIDA clash with police

A faked business processes offshoring (BPO) company took money for employment from some students in NOIDA. When the students noticed the scam they did not allow the company owners to move out the building till they paid them back.