1985: Battle of the beanfield

Photograph copyright Andy Worthington

A short account of the brutal police attack on a convoy of travellers and others on their way to the annual the Stonehenge Free Festival.

[I] "All of us were shocked by what we saw: police tactics which seemed to break new grounds in the scale and intensity of its violence.

Continued tension in Greece with strikes, riots and urban guerrillas

A second tense week of strikes and protest marches in Greece seeing hospital doctors, public transport and lorry drivers on strike, solidarity demonstrations with K. Kouneva erupt in riots, and a return of the spectre of urban guerrilla warfare.

As K. Kouneva is slowly recovering from the assassination attempt against her with sulphuric acid in December by corporate thugs, solidarity towards her and the cleaners subcontracted by OIKOMET and other companies to the civil service and state-owned enterprises is on the rise.

One dead in Guadeloupe strike

Aftermath of the night of rioting in Guadeloupe

As Guadeloupe's general strike against rising prices spreads across the Caribbean, a union official is shot dead.

Local officials states that union representative Jacques Bino, aged in his 50s, was shot dead in a crossfire while driving his car near a roadblock manned by armed youths, who opened fire at police in the capital Pointe-a-Pitre.

Workers in Guadeloupe launched a general strike on 20 January in protest at the rising cost of living.

Tense week in Greece: cultural centre occupied, protest erupts in clashes, doctors stage 48-hour strike

Tension rises again in Greece with protest marches and occupations of public buildings against repression, as well as 48 doctor strike which sees new methods of struggle like occupying hospital cashiers.

In a week thick with solidarity actions to the arrested insurgents of the December uprising in Greece, the posh newly opened Municipal Cultural Centre at Touba, Thessaloniki, has been occupied by local radicals, announcing a programme of public discussions on the insurgency and its repression, as well as screenings on labour struggles since the collapse of the junta.

Cretan farmers land in Athens and clash with riot police, leading to wildcat general strike in Crete

The farmers action across the country has reached a new peak this week with the landing of hundreds of Cretan farmers in the Athens harbour of Peiraeus intending to drive their tractors to the Parliament.

On Monday the 2nd of February farmer's action against the agricultural policy of the right-wing government reached a new climax when hundreds of Cretan farmers clad in local war costume landed their tractors in Peireaus with the intention to drive them to the Greek Parliament.

Barricades erected and two police stations smashed in Athens over destruction of park by the City Council

After municipal bulldozers demolished one of the rare parks in the city of Athens, locals occupied the area, erected barricades, clashed with riot police forces and smashed two police stations.

On Monday 24th of January at 4 o’ clock in the morning bulldozers of the Municipality of Athens moved to destroy the park of Patision and Kyprou street in the greek capital’s most densely populated department, Kypseli. Cutting down more than 40 trees deemed by the Forestry Department as a natural heritage, the plans of the Athens Mayor is to build a 3 storage underground privately owned parking.

Protests resume in Athens

Protesting farmers use tractors to block a main highway near the city of Larissa, central Greece, 06 March 2007.

Protesters and riot police have clashed in central Athens today during a protest calling for the release of prisoners arrested during last month's riots, as farmers continued a week-long road blockade over prices.

The clashes occurred outside the University of Athens, as police charged with batons and pepper spray, while protesters used sticks and stones. Several hundred people were involved in the protests, and around 300 continued a march through the town centre. The International Herald Tribune reported that most participants were anarchists.

New year enters with riots, demos and occupations across Greece

Demos outside prisons, occupations of city halls, and riots start with the change of year across Greece

The strike of twelve, and the beginning of the New Year saw hundreds of protesters gathered outside the central prison of the country in Koridallos, SW Athens, where the majority of arrested insurgents are kept pending trial. The protesters set off fireworks and chanted solidarity slogans to hundreds of prisoners who shouted back cordially from their cell windows.

Greece unrest: the story so far - TPTG

Athens Parliament Square Christmas tree burns

A detailed updated summary of the recent events in Athens, from the perspective of some proletarian participants. (Updated 2 Jan 2009)

A shooting by police on Saturday 6th of December has triggered off in cities all over Greece the fiercest riots in decades. What follows is a first –and incomplete– presentation of the recent riots in Athens based on our own experiences and on what we have heard of.

Chronology of the Greece unrest - Blaumachen

An updated summary of events of the Greek riots in Thessaloniki from 6 December-31 December 2008 by communist group Blaumachen. (Updated 2nd Jan 2009.)

We present below a rough chronology of events that took place in Greece’s second largest city from Saturday 6th of December up until Wednesday 31st of December. During the first five days, when thousands of enraged proletarians got to the streets and set these cities of commodity on fire, we lived the peak of the recent upheaval, at least in Thessaloniki and other provincial cities and towns.