A riot outside the NZ parliament in June 1968?

An account of a little-known strike and unruly demonstration outside parliament, Wellington, New Zealand, June 1968.

The rage over the wage

Dhaka minimum wage protest - August 2010

The past four days have seen widespread protests and rioting against the announcement of the new minimum wage structure for Bangladeshi garment workers.

China: village residents clash with police over land grabs and factory pollution

Residents confront police at the factory site in Jingxi county.

More than 1,000 people threw rocks at police and blocked roads in southern China in protest at pollution from a plant owned by one of the country's largest private aluminium producers, state media said on Thursday.

Ten thousand clash with police in south-east China

Large-scale protest in Gangkou Town, Jiangxi Province on July 5, 2010.

Villagers in China’s southeastern Jiangxi Province, upset over police brutality, relocation and corrupt local officials, have staged a large-scale, violent protest.

Sleepless nights for bosses in the Bangladeshi garment sector

Garment workers' protest at Ashulia, Bangladesh - 2010

A survey of recent unrest in the garment industry, as agitation for a greatly increased minimum wage - as part of an improved wage structure - continues.

Villagers clash with riot police over land grabs

Villagers hold banner that reads: "Return my land".

Police deployed tear gas to dispel protesters, arresting dozens and injuring several people in Taiyun City, in China's Shanxi Province. The violent protests allegedly errupted over confiscated properties amid government corruption.

Murder and riots in Warsaw

A 36-year-old Nigerian man was shot to death by a cop known to have violent, racist inclinations.

Overcoming racism: the Lucasville rebellion - Staughton Lynd

Siddique Abdullah Hasan, one of the Lucasville Five.

Interesting article looking at how black and white prisoners overcame racism through common struggle in the April 1993 prison rebellion in Lucasville, Ohio.

In critical and suffocating times - TPTG

The Ta Paida Tis Galarias (The Children of The Gallery) group report on the recent demonstrations in Athens against austerity measures, including the events leading to the tragic deaths of three bank workers and its implications for the movement of opposition.

Loukanikos, the Greek anarchist dog, photo gallery

Photographs of Loukanikos, "sausage", the legendary stray "riot dog" who was present at nearly every outbreak of mass class struggle and social disorder in Athens up until 2012, when he was adopted and retired outside the city. He died peacefully in his sleep in 2014, aged around 10.