Who gives a toss?

This text was distributed at the beginning of 1998 in Hornsey, North London, in an area where a regeneration project was being proposed by the council, a project which directly threatened the quality of life of the author, who was living 100 metres from the supermarket area to be developed. After a couple of years or so, the supermarket aspect of the project was abandoned, though it's impossible to say whether the distribution of this text played a small part in the abandonment or not (probably not). It is followed by a text on looting and shops produced as part of the text "Miner Conflicts - Major Contradictions" in July 1984.
Photo: Safeways burning during the Watts riot of 1965.

Hunger strike and rioting in immigration prisons

June has seen hunger strikes and rioting by immigration prisoners at Brook House, the new immigration prison at Gatwick airport, and Yarl’s Wood, the prison which has been at the centre of numerous claims of abuse and struggles by detainees since it opened in 2000.

1986-1987: France goes off the rails

The picture here was produced as part of a leaflet by vocational students working at LEP electronics.

Documents about and analysis of the mass workers struggles of students and workers in France from November 1986 to January 1987.

All Quiet On The French Front

Most of this was completed on March 26th 2006 at the height of the movement in France against the CPE, and then updated for the following 2 weeks or so as the movement flowed and ebbed. It inevitably expresses the optimism of the moment, with all its over-simplifications.
The photo here, from April 2006, translates as "Block The Economy - Free Those Arrested".

No forgiveness: Algeria 2001

In June 2001 Algeria experienced almost an insurrection which progressively spread throughout the whole country. There was nothing in the media about this, so this text, with the title “Ulach smah” (“No forgiveness”), was translated from the French in July 2001 as a contribution to breaking the silence.
The photo on the left is of a riot in Algeria at this time.

The War On Terror

The following text, written in English by some Greek friends (the TPTG), was published in July 2003 as a discussion document. Though it sometimes has some stodgy ultra-leftist phraseology and thinking, it's generally an extremely interesting summary and analysis of some important aspects of the present epoch such as the ideology of zero tolerance and the dissolution of Keynesianism.
The so-so joke on the left was produced at the end of June 2005

South Africa: now and then

A collection of texts beginning with the post-apartheid class struggle up till February 2005, but going back to texts on the movements of the 70s and 80s written at that time, which critique the ANC, the Black Consciousness Movement and other organisational forms.

Battles in Athens during march against police racism, many protesters injured

Extended clashes broke our in Athens on Friday 22/5, during the second protest march in two days against police racism, after a cop tore the Koran and brutalised Muslims during anti-immigrant sweeping operations. During the clashes many protesters were injured arrested and hospitalised.

1989-1990: Opposition to the Poll Tax

A short account of the agitation against the introduction of the community charge in Britain. Widespread protests and a highly successful campaign of non-payment eventually forced the government to scrap the poll tax and played a large part in the eventual downfall of Margaret Thatcher.

58,000 mass incidents in China in first quarter as unrest grows to largest ever recorded

There were 58,000 “mass incidents”, the Chinese state's euphemism for strikes, street protests, roadblocks and other forms of mass protests, in China in the first three months of this year.