Anti-CPE youths confront fascists in Paris riot

Members of French fascist party Front Nationale attacked anti-casualisation demonstrators in Paris.

Youths riot in Paris as school students come out in force

Reports from across the country of yesterday's students' day of action against the CPE.

Anti-CPE Movement: Rennes anti-CPE riot, March 13th 2006

Youth riot in Rennes against the CPE on March 13th 2006.

France: Hundreds of thousands fight attacks on young workers

France has been hit with a wave of strikes, protests, marches and university occupations in recent days as workers, students and young people fight a new legal state assault on employment rights, reports Jef Costello for news.

1990: Kamagasaki riot (video clip)

A ten minute video clip of news footage from the Kamagasaki riot in Osaka, Japan 1990. For information about the events, see 1990: Worker insurgency in Osaka.

Chinese riot over detention of activist

Angry villagers in China's Shandong province have rioted in support of a blind activist who has been under house arrest for campaigning against forced sterilisations and abortions.

Police use tear gas at EU docks protest

Dockers protesting against EU plans to liberalise docks today were attacked by the police with water cannons and tear gas as they approached the European Parliament.

LA '92: The context of a proletarian uprising

Distorted by the bourgeois press, reduced to a mere 'race riot' by many on the left, the L.A. rebellion was the most serious urban uprising this century. This article seeks to grasp the full significance of these events by relating them to their context of class re-composition and capitalist restructuring.

The Development of Class Struggle in Nigeria - ICG

Hong Kong: Hundreds fight police against global trade rules

Thousands demonstrated in Hong Kong against the conference of the World Trade Organisation.