The Luton riots, 1919

Luton Town Hall smouldering after the riot

The history of the riots which flared up in Luton. Ex-servicemen and their families, angered by extravagant publicly-funded victory celebrations while they were unemployed and poor, took to the streets in protest.

1851: The Sydney sailors' riot

A history of the violent clash between Australian sailors and police after officers attempted to arrest a man dressed as a woman.

Class war in Palestine

A mass strike is due to erupt amongst civil servants in Palestine over the non-payment of wages, amidst party-political manoeuvres by the ruling factions.

News from Bangladesh

Unrest continues across Bangladesh, with widespread strikes and the mass revolt against an attempt by a British company to begin destructive open cast mining in Phulbari.

Garment workers revolt in Bangladesh

RM analyses the strikes, riots and fires of the garment workers of Bangladesh for

Toxteth no better 25 years on

A report by a regional newspaper into the Toxteth area of Liverpool, 25 years on from a popular uprising in the area that shook the city, has found that promises to invest heavily from the government

Free For All: The nine year old leader - C.L.R. James

James discusses a 1981 riot in Manchester, northern England.

4 April: CPE protest live updates

Hour-by-hour coverage of the day of strikes, demonstrations and further blockades and occupations across France against the new employment law.

From the suburbs riots to the student movement - Henri Simon

November 2005 banlieue riots

An article by Henri Simon analysing the connection between the Banlieue riots of Autumn 2005 and the present movement against the CPE.

Five days in Rennes

A report from one of our Paris correspondents, who spent the past five days in Rennes and took part in some of the anti-CPE protests there.