Anger boils over: Rioting in Lille, Tours, Paris and Rennes

Further disturbances have been reported in many towns and cities as mass anti-CPE demonstrations ended across France this evening.

Anti-CPE Movement: Latin Quarter, Paris, 18th March 2006

Photos of the riots in the Latin Quarter of Paris, during the March 18th 2006 demonstration.

Anti-CPE Movement: Paris demonstration and riot, 18th March 2006

Photos of the March 18th 2006 demonstration and riot against the CPE in Paris. Photos by Dara and another Sorbonne student for and from Final three photos by Charlotte Gonzalez, taken from

As situation escalates, police fire rubber bullets

Cars overturned to form defensive barricades near the Sorbonne last night

Riot police last night fired rubber pellets and tear gas at students who pelted them with petrol bombs and stones as protests at new labour laws boiled over in the heart of Paris.

Sorbonne latest: riot

Fighting breaks out as fascists and riot police attack anti-CPE youths.

Anti-CPE Movement: Paris school occupations and street protests, 16th March 2006

Photos of the school occupations and street protest in Paris on March 16th. Most photos in these galleries have been collated from and

Anti-CPE youths confront fascists in Paris riot

Members of French fascist party Front Nationale attacked anti-casualisation demonstrators in Paris.

Youths riot in Paris as school students come out in force

Reports from across the country of yesterday's students' day of action against the CPE.

Anti-CPE Movement: Rennes anti-CPE riot, March 13th 2006

Youth riot in Rennes against the CPE on March 13th 2006.

France: Hundreds of thousands fight attacks on young workers

France has been hit with a wave of strikes, protests, marches and university occupations in recent days as workers, students and young people fight a new legal state assault on employment rights, reports Jef Costello for news.