A sideways look: Bob Crow

Bob Crow

A look at the recently deceased union leader, Bob Crow.

I was as shocked as many at the untimely death of Bob Crow at the age of 52 a few weeks ago. That is a very young age and will be a big loss to his family. Crow was very much a “character” who relished his role as RMT General Secretary and was happy to play up to media stereotypes.

Workers: expect more tube strikes

RMT flag outside tube station

Some Rail Maritime and Transport (RMT) union members are starting to prepare for further strike action on the London Underground (LU) after the second of two planned 48-hour strikes was called off earlier in the month following what was described as a last-minute deal.

Workers on the underground network are finding it increasingly difficult to accept that the two month review period agreed between unions and management, of which only four weeks remains, will end in any concessions being offered according to sources familiar with the situation.

Tube strikes: further action called off after last-minute "deal"

Update: Following a 48-hour strike of thousands of London Underground workers last week, the RMT and TSSA unions have suspended further industrial action following management agreeing to withdraw notice of 953 redundancies this year.

Thousands of London Underground workers were set to take part in a second 48-hour strike over proposed cuts which include closing every Tube ticket office in London.

Members of the RMT and TSSA unions walked out last Tuesday in the first of two 48-hour stoppages and are set to walk out from 9pm tonight to the same time on Thursday 13th February.

Steve Hedley: not “cleared of domestic violence” with a case still to answer - Andy Littlechild

Steve Hedley was not cleared of domestic violence and still has a case to answer according to the RMT rep representing his former partner in her complaint of physical, emotional and verbal abuse.

I’m writing the following statement as the RMT rep representing Caroline Leneghan in relation to her complaint of physical, emotional and verbal abuse by Steve Hedley RMT Assistant General Secretary.

An injury to one – fighting the victimisation of workplace organisers

Victimisation, by bosses and the state, of those who try to organise in the workplace is nothing new. But recently a spate of high profile cases have focused wider attention on the issue.

Last year, William Hill bookmakers announced plans to extend their Sunday opening hours. As they already have over long shifts, forced overtime and the generally shitty end of the stick when it comes to working conditions1

  • 1. Not the least of which seems to be a callous attitude to the mental health of those whose shops get robbed.

Domestic violence, International Women's Day, and the RMT


We reproduce below the statement made by RMT member Caroline Leneghan on her personal blog, in solidarity with her and other women speaking out about gender violence. [trigger warning: descriptions of domestic violence, pictures of injuries sustained]

Today I would like to show my solidarity with women all over the world on International Women’s day and to raise the issue of domestic violence against women. The RMT have released a model domestic violence policy for the transport industry which I hope gets rolled out to every employer.

Going underground

London underground

Review article: Workmates – direct action workplace organising on the London underground.

This short pamphlet is the first of a new series from the Solidarity Federation (SolFed) which promises “to both document interesting accounts of workers in struggle, as well as attempts to draw the theoretical lessons from them (…) selected for their relevance for workers looking to organise today.” It focuses on track maintenance workers on the London Underground from the 1990s to today, with pa

Cleaners strike protest near London Olympic site

Cleaners strike over pay and conditions on London Underground and Docklands Light Railway.

This morning saw the beginning of a 48-hour strike by cleaners on London Underground (LU), and cleaners and security staff on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). The RMT members on strike come from several different contracted companies; ISS, Initial, and Carlisle Cleaning & Support Services.

London Underground strike threat wins reinstatement for unfairly sacked driver

Six days of strikes on the London Underground by the RMT union have been called off after management agreed to reinstate a sacked train driver.

Strikes were originally called to demand the reinstatement of four drivers over their involvement in the previous strikes against job cuts in October 2010 (pictured).

These were called off when three workers were reinstated or re-engaged (meaning re-employed on the same pay but in a different job) and it was agreed that Arwyn Thomas would also be reinstated.

Workmates: direct action workplace organising on the London Underground

Pamphlet cover

In the late 1990s, plans to outsource track maintenance on the London Underground were being pushed through by the government. Workers at one depot responded by forming a new workplace group, both inside and outside the existing union, the RMT. This pamphlet charts the highs and lows of the Workmates collective, highlighting their successes and failures, their radically democratic organising method and their creative forms of direct action. We hope it can provide an inspiration to other workers frustrated with the limits of the existing workplace organisations.