Roy Mayall

Dear Granny Smith - TEFL lesson plan

A lesson plan adapted from the first chapter of the highly recommended book Dear Granny Smith: A Letter from your Postman about strikes, privatisation, and unions at Royal Mail.

The best management talent - Roy Mayall

Roy Mayall on the latest round of managerial pay hikes at Royal Mail.

When Royal Mail modernisation means a worse service - Roy Mayall

Postal worker Roy Mayall describes the reality of Royal Mail's much-heralded 'modernisation', and the upcoming further 'deregulation' of the postal sector.

Natural Monopoly - Roy Mayall

Self-described 'overworked postie' Roy Mayall discusses the coalition government's plans to privatise the postal service.

Loopholes - Royal Mail and the union

A Royal Mail worker describes the problems with the union and their motivations in the aftermath of the 2009 strikes.

A letter from a postman on the 2009 strikes

A Royal Mail worker describes the background to the 2009 national strike vote, including details of how managers have been manipulating the figures to justify cuts.