Repression in Russia during Spring 2014

Moscow Anarchist Black Cross continue their regular summaries on repressions of anarchists, antifascists, and social activists in Russia, on obstacles which police state creates for our activity.

Repression against Crimean activists

Article explaining the political context for the campaign in support of Crimean anti-fascist Alexander Kolchenko (pictured).

Ukraine: nothing to expect from Europe or Russia

As we promised already a few weeks ago, here we finally publish the English translation of the OCL text, originally available in French on Very interesting text especially because of its materialist and non-idealist method that analyzes the movement, its process and its dynamics, only after it tackles its weaknesses, its lacks, the illusions of its protagonists, their ideologies, nationalism, the influence of far right, etc.

"War on the Palaces! Peace to the Cottages!"

Statement of the Kharkiv Autonomous Workers Union members about creation of social and cultural centre.

Support Crimean anarchist Aleksandr Kolchenko, detained on terror charges!

Aleksandr Kolchenko was detained in Crimea on the 17th of May 2014 on suspicion of participation in a "terrorist group," preparation of a terrorist attack, and arson.

The True Reasons For The Anarchist Raids [Moscow 1918] (Analysis and Conclusions)

Maximov's account of the April 1918 suppression of Moscow's anarchist groups.

ABC-Moscow Repressions summary for March-April 2014

We continue to publish news about repressions against anarchists,
antifascists and social activists and about the obstacles we face from
the side of police state. In February, March and April issue you can
read about Maidan ghost, letters from the prisons and senseless trials.
If you recognize that we've missed anything or you are informed about
other cases of repressions, let us know by writing to address abc-msk <>

Anarchism in the context of civil war

On Friday, the 2nd of May, the House of Trade Unions in Odessa caught on fire. Altogether at least 42 people lost their lives during the clashes in the city, most of them in the fire and the others in streetfights. This is an account of the tragedy.

Darkness in May: a socialist eye-witness in Odessa

Tragedy came to Odessa on Friday 2 May, when clashes between Ukrainian nationalists and pro-Russian separatists led to the deaths of at least 38 people. Report by Sergei from Odessa

ABC-Moscow: Repressions summary for January-February 2014

From now on, we are going to publish summaries of repressions against
anarchists, antifascists and social activists in Russia on a regular
basis, as well as on how the state opposes our activity. In the
January-February issue: sudden amnesty of antifascists in Moscow, Kazan,
Nizhny Novgorod, attempt to ban "Avtonom" zine due to
"extremism", detentions during Jan19 actions, verdicts in Moscow,
Murmansk, Petersburg and other "heroic deeds" of cops from "E"-department.