A victory in Nizhni Novgorod of Russia - case against anti-fascists was returned to investigation

On 18th October, news service transmitted that judge Olga Koloverova refused to sentence the defendants in the so-called "Antifa-RASH" case in Nizhni Novgorod. The judge demanded that police re-investigate the case, in order to exclude contradictions, which are currently obvious.

Stop the crackdown against Russian anti-fascists!

An open letter, which is remarkable as it is the first time such many Russian journalists and other intelligentsia have taken an open position in support of the anti-fascist movement.

Anarchist Synthesis

In 1924, Sebastien Faure invited Voline to Paris, where he assisted him in the publication of the Encyclopedie anarchiste. Both Faure and Voline were advocates of "anarchist synthesis," which sought to synthesize all that was best in the various strands of anarchist thought and to unify the anarchist movement, while trying to avoid what Voline regarded as the sectarian party spirit of the Platformists. The following excerpts are from Voline's entry under "Anarchist Synthesis" in the Encyclopedie Anarchiste.

Russian revolution 1917: reading guide's reading guide on the 1917 Russian revolution.

A letter from Alexey Sutuga, imprisoned in Moscow

Hello everyone!

Yet another period of our remand imprisonment is approaching its end,
but I am certain, that we will be kept locked up a few months more, even
without any developments whatsoever in the fabricated criminal case
against us.

Report Submitted to the Confederal Committee of the CNT by Delegate Angel Pestaña regarding his Conduct at the Second Congress of the Third International – Angel Pestaña

CNT Congress 1910

Angel Pestaña’s official report to the Confederal Committee of the CNT regarding his activities as the CNT’s delegate to the Second Congress of the Third International in 1920; not to be confused with the author’s memoir relating his impressions of his stay in Russia, Seventy Days in Russia: What I Saw, Pestaña’s Report is an account of the shady procedural manipulations of the Russian Communists and their supporters in their attempts to control the votes and committee reports at the International Congress of 1920 in the face of minority opposition from Pestaña, German and Italian syndicalists, English shop stewards and American delegates of the I.W.W.

Revolutionary pamphlets - Peter Kropotkin

A selection of PDF pamphlets by Russian anarchist former Prince, Peter Kropotkin.

Alexey Polikhovich - third anarchist, remanded for 6th of May riots in Moscow

27th of July, Basmanniy district court of Moscow remanded Alexey
Polikhovich for one month. He is 16th suspect for participating to
rioting in Bolotnaya square 6th of May 2012, in day of inauguration of
Vladimir Putin. He was third arrested anarchist - Aleksandra Dukhanina
has been in a house arrest since 29th of May, Stepan Zimin has been in
remand prison since 9th of July.

Russian anti-fascists are facing charges for making a movie

Center of Counteraction Against Extremism ("E-Center") in the city of Vladimir did not like the amateur movie "Russian anti-racist skinheads", and they opened a criminal case against makers of the film. According to them, film incited hatred against "social group of skinheads and nationalists".

Pussy Riot convicted: Britain rails against “disproportionate” sentence - hypocritically

The UK also has no qualms over disproportionate sentencing or criminal sanctions for occupational protest.