The strange story of Nikolai Starostin, football and Lavrentii Beria

An article by Jim Riordan in the journal Europe-Asia Studies describing the fate of Nikolai Starostin, a man who captained his country at soccer and ice hockey, founded the Spartak Sports Society, managed it and the Soviet national soccer team - and who spent ten years as a political prisoner in Stalin's labour camps.

Russia: They don't represent us!

Almost 40% of the population of Russian Federation with a "right to elect" chose not to participate in the electoral farce, indirectly expressing his opposition to the existing system, which doesn`t represent their will.

A rally against the elections in Moscow live broadcast

Make sure to keep track of what is happening in the very centre of Moscow and St. Petersburg in real time! Our reporters will follow left-wing activists collecting their real-time comments on what is going on!

The political Soviet grinding machine - Emma Goldman

A previously unpublished piece by Emma Goldman on the persecution of political opponents within the Soviet Union.

Incident on the dancefloor – pre-history of the arrest of Alexey Olesinov

13th of February, a known Moscow anti-fascist Alexey Olesinov was
arrested in St. Petersburg with charges of “hooliganism”, related to
incident in Moscow club “Vozdukh” 17th of December.

The following statement ( on the event
was published by anonymous participant of the anti-fascist initiative
“Direct help” already 19th of December, but considering arrest of
Olesinov, we consider necessary to pick up the topic again.

Kronstadt - a short film

A short film about the Kronstadt rebellion of 1921 against the Bolshevik dictatorship.

Interview of Campaign to Defend Khimki Hostages for TerraSelvaggia

TerraSelvaggia is an Italian eco-anarchist paper, which made this interview with Russian Campaign to Defend Khimki Hostages last September. Paper issue came up some time ago after the usual delays, so now it is time for online publication. Keep in mind, that this interview reflects the situation in Russian society last September – before the recent massive protest against election fraud. Now much has changed since then, but much is still the same. Enjoy!

Anarchist anti-fascist murdered in Russia's family in need of support

At 6:30 AM on the morning of 9 February a janitor at the FIAN Institute found the body of Nikita Kalin, born in 1991. He had been stabbed 61 times. His family are now in dire need of support.

Nizhny Novgorod anti-fascists in need of support

Antifascist and anarchists in Russia are in need of support as several are facing trumped up charges from the police.

Kazakh union leaders facing threat of abduction by the state

Union leaders from Kazakhstan are seeking support and solidarity as they face they very real and imminent threat of abduction by the state following their role in an oil workers strike last year, in which the Kazakh government massacred scores of striking workers.