Anarchist anti-fascists from Kazan, Russia need your solidarity

Four anarchist anti-fascists from Kazan, Oleg Kapustyanov, Ruslan Rostov, Timur Dornonin and Artyom Sher are currently in remand prison. A fifth suspect, Dmitri Ilichev, has been issued traveling restrictions. The purpose of their imprisonment is to pressure them to plea guilty.

Support Irina Lipskaya, imprisoned anarchist and anti-fascist from Moscow

On 27th June 2013, the arrest of Irina was prolonged until 2nd October. She was arrested on 2nd July, 2012 which means that Irina has already spent more than one year in prison without a court appearance! The arrest of Irina was prolonged due to dubious claims made by her alleged "victims" that they have still not acquainted themselves with the results of the investigation.

Solidarity is needed - please help get Alexey Sutuga out of prison on bail!

Member of Autonomous Action, anarchist Alexey Sutuga has been remanded for more than a year. Police has intentionally delayed the investigation, they were only working on the case for the first 2-3 months of the arrest, and since then investigation has stalled.

Letter of anarchist Alexey Sutuga from prison to comrades in struggle

May Day open letter from an imprisoned Russian anarchist.

Well-known Russian anti-fascist, Alexey Gaskarov, arrested

On sunday, the 28th of April 2013, a well-known Russian anti-fascist,
Alexey Gaskarov, was arrested in Moscow. He is a member of the
Coordination Council of Russian opposition.

Mother- Maxim Gorky

Cover of Mother

Novel following the radicalisation of an uneducated young Russian woman, which went on to define the genre of Socialist Realism.

From the Russian revolution of 1917 to Stalinist totalitarianism - Agustín Guillamón

A historical essay on the transition from Russian Revolution of the Soviets to bureaucratic dictatorship under Stalin, with special emphasis on the period extending from the February Revolution to the period of War Communism.

Nationalisation and the new boss class - Tom Brown

A pamphlet by Tom Brown discussing nationalisation, its theoretical roots and whether it is a working-class gain (1958).

Police represses anti-fascists on the eve of university championships in Kazan (Russia)

At 8:00 a.m. on 3rd April, officers from the Centre Against Extremism came with a search warrant to four addresses of Kazan antifascists.

Russia: Navy veterans call for anarchist protester to be released pending court

Ahead of the March 5 court appearance by anarchist Alexei Polikhovich, common meeting of Central Councils of Navy Social Movements and Unions have issued a call for his release.