Russian prisoners fight-back against corrupt and brutal screws

Hundreds of prisoners at Prison Number 6 in Kopeisk, in the Urals region of Russia, have fought fierce battles with screws and security forces and launched a rooftop occupation in a protest against draconian conditions, torture, extortion, and the use of solitary confinement. Four inmates have died at the prison in recent years following beatings from staff. The protest lasted for two days before the police and army special forces managed to regain control.

Anti-fascists of Kazan, Russia need solidarity!

Our friend Oleg is threatened with 5 years in prison, as he is facing charges according to statutes 213 (hooliganism) and 116 parts 2a, 2b (battery) of Russian criminal codex. This is already second such case against Oleg, first time he was charged 3 years ago.

New short films on Belarusian anarchist political prisoners Ihar Alinevich and Mikalaj Dziadok, Mikalaj transferred to high-security prison

Two new short films with English subtitles dedicated to Belarusian anarchist political prisoners have been released as part of the Belarusian series "Chronicles of the times of courts", one is dedicated to Ihar Alinevich and the other to Mikalaj Dziadok.

Police places pressure on relatives and friends of jailed Russian antifascists. Your support is needed

Antifascists Alexey Sutuga and Alexey Olesinov have already been in
the"Butyrka" prison in Moscow for more than half a year. Investigator Y.
Egorov, who is conducting the investigation, is expected to modify the
criminal case into a more serious one. The current criminal case was
instituted in April 2012 following section 213 part 2 of the Russian
Criminal Code (hooliganism motivated by political enmity, performed by
an organised group)

A look at Leninism - Ron Taber

A Look at Leninism by Ron Taber

Published in 1988 this work by Ron Taber takes a critical look at Lenin and the early Bolshevik parties ideology dubbed "Leninism".

Review: Mother

A book review highlighting the utopian overtones of Maxim Gorky's 1906 novel Mother

Russia: police search Kirov anti-fascists' homes in trumped-up case

At six in the morning of November 27, a series of searches at homes of
eight members of anarchist group Autonomous Actions were carried out in
the Russian city of Kirov by police officers who were accompanied by
operatives of the anti-extremism E Centre. Officers seized all computer
equipment, such as system units and printers, as well as music CDs and

Leninism, a fascist ideology - Miguel Amorós

A no-holds-barred, insult-laden attack on Leninism, featuring Lenin as the Virgin Mary, an extraterrestrial civilization in a distant galaxy that sends UFOs to the planet Earth to spread the gospel of socialism, “a bourgeois revolution without the bourgeoisie” (the Russian Revolution), Manichaean fairy tales, sacred scriptures, split personalities, Freemasons, zombies, and even Hardt and Negri, who, just like their predecessors in this hardly glorious tradition, have “always defended interests contrary to those of the proletariat”.

Moscow anti-fascist may become permanently disabled in pre-trial detention

Health condition of anti-fascist Alexei Olesinov, who is held at
Moscow's Medvedkovo pre-trial detention centre as a suspect in the
"Moscow antifa case" for allegedly participating in a brawl, has sharply
deteriorated. Independent expert evaluation, conducted by the Pavlov
State Medical University in St Petersburg, confirmed that Olesinov risks
becoming permanently disabled.

Moscow court holds first hearing in "antifascist extremist community" case

After two weeks ago the case against Nizhny Novgorod antifascists (the
Antifa-RASH case) was sent back to prosecutor's office "to remove
doubts, irregularities and obstacles" by a court, which is not likely to
hear that case again, the case against Moscow-based antifascist Igor
Kharchenko may set a precedent. The case, which is being heard by
Moscow's Zamoskvoretsky district court, includes charges under Article
282, Part 2 of the Russian Criminal Code (participation in extremist