Russian revolution

Vdovichenko, Trofim Yakovlevich, 1889-1921

A short biography of Trofim Vdovichenko, gifted guerilla commander and one of the most heroic figures of the Makhnovist movement

Trofim Vdovichenko was born into a family of poor peasants in Novospasovka in the Ukraine. He received a primary education. From 1910 he was a member of the Novospasovka group of anarchist-communists, alongside Viktor Belash ,Vassily Kurilenko, Luca Bondarets, Filipp Goncharenko, Vladimir Protsenko and Fomenko who also all had leading roles in the Makhnovist movement later on.

Anarchists who turned to the Bolsheviks - Nick Heath

In these biographies, Nick Heath charts the trajectory of several leading anarchists in the Russian revolution into the service of the Bolshevik counterrevolution.

Kogan, David aka Lev Rubin,Lev, Christ, Little Christ, David Samara (1893-1923?)

A short biography of David Kogan, devoted Russian anarchist and escaper extraordinaire.

Comrade David Kogan (Lev Rubin), an attractive personality, a man of high
integrity and renown as a revolutionary Anarchist,
” The Guillotine at Work, Grigori Maximov

Gutman, [Gotman] Iosif I. aka Iosif the Emigrant, 1890-1920

A short biography of Russian Jewish anarchist Iosif the Emigrant who was a strong advocate of close cooperation between the anarchist movement and the Makhnovists

“A short, slender man of thirty, with lustrous dark eyes set wide apart, and a face of peculiar sadness. The expression of his eyes still haunts me: now mournful, now irate, they reflect all the tragedy of his Jewish descent. His smile speaks the kindliness of a heart that has suffered and learned to understand”. The Bolshevik Myth, Alexander Berkman.

Kalandarishvili, Nestor Alexandrevitch, 1876-1922

Nick Heath's short biography of Nestor Kalandarishvili, a high profile anarchist who defected to the Bolsheviks.

[b] 3. The other Nestor

Geytsman, Ilya, 1874/1879-1938

A short biography of former anarchist Ilya Geytsman who defected to the Bolsheviks, and then was later executed in Stalin's purges.

2. Chaim The Londoner – from anarchist to Lenin sycophant

GEYTSMAN Ilya M. (Itsko-Isaac Moyshev Fayvishev) aka P. Geytsman, Haim London or Chaim the Londoner 1874/1879-1938

The Kronstadt commune 1921 - The Red Menace

Kronstadt's rebel battleship The Petropavlovsk

The Red Menace's analysis of the Kronstadt rebellion.

‘The Workers’ and Peasants’ Government has decreed that Kronstadt and the rebelling ships must immediately submit to the authority of the Soviet Republic. I therefore order all who have raised their hands against the socialist fatherland to lay down their arms at once. Recalcitrants are to be disarmed and turned over to the Soviet authorities.

Akashev, Konstantin Vasielievitch, 1888-1931

A short biography of the anarchist who defected to the Bolsheviks and became the first commander of the Soviet air force and was later executed.

1. From anarchist to first commander of the Soviet Air Force

The communist left in Germany 1918-1921 - Gilles Dauvé and Denis Authier

A analysis of the revolutionary movements in Europe at the end of World War I, their contradictions and limitations.

First published in France in 1976, as 'La Gauche Communiste en Allemagne (1918-1921)'. English translation by M. DeSocio published in 2006. Taken from the Collective Action Notes website.

Baron, Fanya aka Fanny Grefenson, aka Anisimovna aka Fanny Baron 1887-1921

Idealistic young anarchist who suffered the brutality of both the US cops and the Russian Cheka.

“Baron was of the type of Russian woman completely consecrated to the cause of humanity. While in America she gave all her spare time and a goodly part of her meagre earnings in a factory to further Anarchist propaganda.