Russian revolution

Did the Bolshevik seizure of power inaugurate a socialist revolution? A Marxian inquiry - Paresh Chattopadhyay

Chattopadhyay applies Marxian categories to the Russian Revolution of 1917 to examine its socialist content.

The Black Guards

Putilov factory meeting - Petrograd 1917

A short account of the Anarchist Black Guards and their suppression by the Bolsheviks in Moscow in 1918

The warrior: Nestor Makhno, the bandit who saved Moscow - Max Nomad

Biography of the Ukrainian anarchist guerrilla leader from Max Nomad's book, Apostles of Revolution.

Revolution and Dictatorship - Luigi Fabbri

Victor Serge.

Essay by Luigi Fabbri analysing the Russian revolution and its authoritarian distortion by the Bolsheviks, with Victor Serge (the "anarchist who has forgotten his principles") singled out for special criticism.

Baron, Aron Davidovich (aka Kantorovich, Faktorovich, Poleyevoy) 1891-1937

Aron Baron at Kropotkin's funeral

A short biography of Aron Baron, anarchist active in Russia and the Ukraine

Kotsur, Svirid (Spiridon) Dementiyovich, 1890-1920

A short biography of Svirid Kotsur and the independent soviet republic of Chyhyryn.

The unknown revolution, 1917-1921 - Volin

Kronstadt workers and sailors demonstrate in 1917

Complete text of Volin's extensive work on the Russian Revolution, its usurping by the Bolsheviks and on workers' rebellions against the new dictatorship.

The Left Communist Movement of 1918 - Ronald I. Kowalski

An analysis by academic, Kowalski, on the early internal party opposition in the Bolshevik Party by the communist left, against the signing of Brest Litovsk agreement with Germany.

The anarchist underground in Leningrad

Lydia Chukovskaya in 1926

A short account of the anarchist underground in Leningrad in the 1920s

Nikiforova, Marusya, 1885-1919

Biography of Ukrainian anarchist guerrilla who fought with the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine.