Russian revolution

Jan Waclaw Machajski: A radical critic of the Russian intelligensia and socialism - Marshall S. Shatz

A biography of Polish-born Jan Waclaw Machajski and account of his radical critique of the role of the intelligentsia in Soviet Russia's political life which was known as Makhaevism.

The Black Sea revolt - Tico Jossifort

Russian Black Sea fleet 1913

The history of a 1919 naval mutiny of French troops sent to intervene in Russia against the revolution. Initiated by a group of anarchist sailors, the revolt spread to other ships - so preventing naval intervention against Soviet Russia and achieving the desired demobilisation of the mutineers.

The mysterious death of Shchors

Nikolay Shchors

A short account of the life and mysterious death of Red commander Nikolay Shchors

The Dvinsk Regiment and the mysterious death of Grachov

Mass grave of  revolutionaries killed in the fighting in Moscow in October 1917

A short account of the revolutionaries of the Dvinsk Regiment and the suspicious death of their commander Grachov

The Petrenko incident: an opening shot in the attack by the Bolsheviks on the Revolution

A short account of the attack by the Bolsheviks on the detachment led by the revolutionary Petrenko in May 1918 at Tsaritsyn.

Bogunsky and Lopatkin : Trotsky’s attacks on Red commanders

Bogunsky (Anton Shary)

A short account of Trotsky's involvement in the killing of Red commanders Bogunsky and Lopatkin

The shootings of Trofimovsky, Panteleev and Gneuchev: Trotsky imposes discipline in the Red Army

Red Army parade, 1918

A short account of events on the Eastern Front during the Russian Civil War.

The Anarchist and Maximalist uprising in Samara 1918

Red Army enter Samara - October 1918

A short account of the Anarchist and Maximalist uprising in Samara in May 1918.

The Russian constructivists and anarchism

Malevich's Black Square

A short account of the Russian constructivists and their close relations with anarchism

The Poltava uprising against the Bolsheviks, 1920

Ukraine, Nov 1919 - black border is present day Ukrainian border

A short account of the large scale uprising against the Bolsheviks throughout Poltava province in the Ukraine.