Russian revolution

The Greek Makhnovists

A short account of the role of the Black Sea Greeks in the Makhnovist movement.

“Socialism in One Country” Before Stalin, and the Origins of Reactionary “Anti-Imperialism”: The Case of Turkey, 1917-1925

"Father" of Turkey: Kemel Pasha (saluting)

Loren Goldner's detailed history of the official communist movement and the communist left in Turkey around the time of the Russian revolution.

Rapprochement; how the Bolsheviks came to love capitalists - EH Carr

Lenin's Rolls Royce - one of 15 custom-made for Party use

In this short excerpt Carr describes the speedy development of close links between the young Bolshevik regime and Western capitalist powers.

The KAPD’s report on the third congress of the Communist International

Report presented at the meeting of the KAPD Central Committee on July 31, 1921, by a KAPD delegate to the Third Congress of the Third International.

The Communist Left and the resolutions of the second congress of the Communist International - Henriette Roland-Holst

Opening of 2nd Congress of the CI

Dutch communist Roland-Holst argues against using the objective and subjective conditions of the Russian Revolution as a model for revolution in the Western countries.

Ivanyuk (?-1921)

A short biography of Ivanyuk, independent-minded Makhnovist commander, who died in the last major battle of the movement.

Social origin and educational level of the chief Bolshevik leaders in 1917

Bolshevik central committee 1917

A questionnaire filled in by Bolshevik leaders in 1917 reveals their social origin and educational level:

Pravda, Simeon (Batko Pravda), 1877-1921

Banner of the 2nd Consolidated Makhnovist Regiment

A short biography of Simeon Pravda, one of the most colourful of the Makhnovist commanders.

Zhivoder, c.1883-1920

A short biography of Zhivoder, a revolutionary sailor who moved from Bolshevism to anarchism.

Zheleznyakov, Nikolai Grigorievich (1893-1918/1919)

A short biography of Nikolai, the far less known brother of the anarchist Anatoli Zheleznyakov.