Russian revolution

The Role of Bolshevik Ideology in the Birth of the Bureaucracy


This article was first published in Socialism ou Barbarie#35(1964),as an introduction to Alexandra Kollantai's The Workers Opposition,but it can stand alone as a refutation of the standard Leninist/Trotskyist claim that the Soviet Union only degenerated post 1924 i.e after Lenin's death, and as such has been published in pamphlet form by a number of groups.

Antoni, Voldemar Genrikhovich aka Volodya aka Zaruthustra aka Grigori Andreivich Lyapunov, 1886-1974

Voldemar Antoni as a boy

A short biography of Voldemar Antoni, mentor of revolutionary leader Nestor Makhno and one of the founders of the Gulyai-Polye anarchist movement.

The Russian anarchists - Paul Avrich

Book Cover

Paul Avrich's classic, and impeccably researched, study of the history of anarchism in Russia.

On the socialist origins of International Women's Day - Temma Kaplan

International Women's Day, St Petersburg 1917

Temma Kaplan explains the origins of International women's day in the workers' movement in the USA, Europe and during the Russian Revolution.

Subsistence riots in Russia during World War I - Barbara Engel

Article on food riots, mostly by women, during World War I which helped spark the Russian revolution.

Moscow And Us - Otto Rühle

Brief notes on the Russian revolution, the third International and their relationship with the German proletariat by council communist Otto Ruhle.

Barmash, Vladimir Vladimirovich aka Gorbonos aka Valya aka Lonya, 1879-1938+

A short biography of Vladimir Barmash, prominent anarchist communist in Russia who perished in the prison camps

Bolshevik Razverstka and War Communism

Lars T. Lih on the Bolshevik policies of war communism and what they meant for workers and peasants.

Political Testament of Lenin and Bukharin and the Meaning of NEP

NEP-period marketplace.

Lars T. Lih on Lenin, Bukharin and the new economic policy of the Bolsheviks. In PDF format.

Rybin, Piotr (Rivkin; Zonov; Rybin-Zonov) (? - 1920)

Piotr Rybin (Zonov)

A short biography of Piotr Rybin (Zonov) anarchist worker murdered by the Bolsheviks