Russian revolution

Moscow And Us - Otto Rühle

Brief notes on the Russian revolution, the third International and their relationship with the German proletariat by council communist Otto Ruhle.

Barmash, Vladimir Vladimirovich aka Gorbonos aka Valya aka Lonya, 1879-1938+

A short biography of Vladimir Barmash, prominent anarchist communist in Russia who perished in the prison camps

Bolshevik Razverstka and War Communism

Lars T. Lih on the Bolshevik policies of war communism and what they meant for workers and peasants.

Political Testament of Lenin and Bukharin and the Meaning of NEP

NEP-period marketplace.

Lars T. Lih on Lenin, Bukharin and the new economic policy of the Bolsheviks. In PDF format.

Rybin, Piotr (Rivkin; Zonov; Rybin-Zonov) (? - 1920)

Piotr Rybin (Zonov)

A short biography of Piotr Rybin (Zonov) anarchist worker murdered by the Bolsheviks

Veretelnik, Boris, ?-1919

A short biography of Boris Veretelnik , Left Socialist Revolutionary and then anarchist and Makhnovist

Popov, Dimitri Ivanovich, 1892-1921

Dimitri Popov

A short biography of Dimitri Popov, sailor, Left Socialist Revolutionary and then anarchist and Makhnovist

Anti-Semitism and the Makhnovists - Michael Malet

Malet finds that - despite false allegations - Makhno was not anti-Semitic and that incidents of anti-Semitism among the Makhnovists were less than in rival military forces, including the Bolshevik Red Army.

White Collars & Horny Hands: the revolutionary thought of Waclaw Machajski - Max Nomad

Nomad describes Machajski's theory of the socialist movement as a bid for power over the working class by the middle class intelligentsia. His critique was based on observations of the legalism and state-capitalist goals of the European Social-Democratic parties of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

What is "Makhaevism"? - Paul Avrich

Paul Avrich looks at the life of the Polish theorist and activist, Jan Wacław Machajsk.