Russian revolution

The Makhnos of memory: Mennonite and Makhnovist narratives of the civil war in Ukraine (1917-1921) - Sean David Patterson

A really interesting Masters thesis on the relationship between Mennonites and Makhnovists in southern Ukraine during the Russian Civil War through the historical narratives found in each group’s literature.

From mass strike to new society - Jeremy Brecher

Excellent text by Jeremy Brecher examining where mass strikes have progressed into the working class attempting to run society in its own interests and the lessons we can learn from them.

Pause! Read! Consider! Insurgent Makhnovists

Two versions of another appeal to the Red Army to mutiny.

Comrades in the Red Army! Insurgent Makhnovists

Another appeal to the Red Army rank and file.

A word from the Makhnovists to the labouring cossacks of the Don and the Kuban

An appeal to the bands of Cossacks to rise up against the Bolsheviks.

To all workers of the plough and the hammer! (Makhnovists)

An appeal to the Workers and peasants of Ukraine concerning the advance of Polish and White Guard forces.

Down with fratricide! Insurgent Makhnovists

Another appeal to the Red Army from the Makhnovists.

Comrades in the Red Army, on the front line and in the home guard!

An appeal to the rank and file of the Red Army to reject their officers and the Bolsheviks.