We dont need no education: a short update

I have not blogged in ages and so I thought I would post a small update on whats been happening and what the future holds for this blog in light of some changes.

Oakland parents and teachers announce plans to sit-in to stop school closures

Protests against Oakland school closures

As 5 elementary schools are set for closure at the end of this school year, displacing around 900 children to schools 10 miles away with no transport provided, parents and teachers announce plans to sit-in to save their schools.

Toward A Student Unionism

A pamphlet written a few years ago by a member of the New SDS who learned about student syndicalism from Quebec students, that meditates on those lessons.

Strike ballot for Birmingham teachers over forced academy plans

Teachers in thirteen primary schools in Birmingham are being balloted for strike action against plans to force them to become academy schools.

Detroit high school students walkout protesting charterization and school shut downs

Detroit students walk out against school budget cuts and in solidarity with a nearby school threatened with closure.

CCTV in the common room

Blog reporting on my schools introduction of CCTV cameras in the sixth form block.

Some thoughts on Chomsky on Education

Some scattered thoughts on this recent video of Noam Chomsky talking about the different interpretations of 'education'. This largely got me thinking about some of the functions of the schools I've worked in, and the effects on students

The origin and ideals of the Modern School - Francisco Ferrer

Modern School pupils in Barcelona, 1901

Works by Franciso Ferrer; the founder of the anarchist modern school movement. Introduction by Joseph McCabe.

Quebec protests reach rowdy new level (with updates in comments)

Students in Quebec have been on strike since February. They have been upset about Premier Jean Charest's plan to add $1,625 to the annual cost of post-secondary education by 2016. But during Friday's confrontations, protesters signaled that the unrest was about more than university fees — it was about the general direction of the province.

Bias and nationalism

Just a quick post about a hilariously bias passage in my A level poltitics text book