Aboutissement - Encyclopedie des Nuisances

1988 text published by the French group Encyclopedie des Nuisances in the aftermath of Chernobyl discussing the ongoing collapse of the "guaranteed survival" offered by spectacular society and the prospects for the reassertion of the revolutionary impulse in new conditions and "the revolutionary abolition of all forms of irresponsible hierarchy".

Review; Science & Capital - Radical Essays on Science & Technology


A review of a new collection of articles expressing a radical critique of science as an aspect of domination in class society.

Greenwashing Agricultural Biotechnology

analysis by tom athanasiou

To generalize is to be an idiot.
--William Blake

The Quest For Microwavable Pasta and Other Vital Needs

tale of toil: biotech secretary, by robin wheatworth

My Best Job

tale of toil: research assistant, by kwazee wabbitt

Processed World #28

Issue 28: Winter 1991 from

Kropotkin and the science of altruism

Science historians Oren Harman and Mark Borello discuss the science of altruism and the relationship between politics and science.

Is depression an adaptation?

Biologist Jerry Coyne tackles the assumptions of 'evolutionary psychiatry' in his commentary on the supposed adaptive nature of depression.

Neuroscience and war


Will neuroscientists join psychiatrists, psychologists and anthropologists in condemning the use of their labour in the service of war?