Sex, Jealousy & Violence: A Skeptical Look at Evolutionary Psychology

Philosopher David Buller tackles the evidential claims of primary exponents of Evolutionary Psychology. Buller challenges the paradigm and research programme of Evolutionary Psychology, rather than the notion of a psychology informed by evolution.

Against "Sociobiology"

A letter from Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Lewontin and members of the Sociobiology Study Group outlining criticisms of, and objections to, EO Wilson's 'Sociobiology: the new synthesis'

The Politics of Biological Determinism

Stephen Jay Gould tackles the notion that existing social hierarchies reflect innate abilities in his essay on the heritability of intelligence.

Evolution: The Pleasures of Pluralism Debate

Gould in Simpsons

In the second part of his critique of 'ultra Darwinism', Gould tackles the methodology of evolutionary psychology while defending the idea that psychology has much to learn from evolutionary biology.

Darwinian Fundamentalism


Paleontologist and science writer Stephen Jay Gould tackles 'ultra-Darwinism' in the first part of his response to Daniel C. Dennett's 'Darwin's Dangerous Idea'. Gould challenges the excesses of what he sees as pan-adaptationism, determinism and reductionism.

Medicine and the Spanish Civil War

A historical survey of medicine in Spain during the Spanish Civil War

Emergence of Modern Genetics in Spain and the Effects of the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) on Its Development

An assessment of the effects of the Spanish Civil War on the development of genetics in Spain.

Rationality & Science - Noam Chomsky


Chomsky on rationality & science. This essay formed part of a Z-Papers special issue on the topic in 1995.

When hospital is a prison

Ben Goldacre on the use of psychiatry as a form of social control, and the politically-motivated diagnosis of mental illness. Feb 2003.

Goldacre: 'Argument is about capitalism, not food '

organic food

Ben Goldacre points to the analogies between the 'organic' food argument and the BigPharma vs homeopathy/'alternative medicine' - mainly that all niches will be filled under capitalism.