Big Wullie: or ten years of industrial bliss

A personal account of work life as an apprentice in a Glasgow metalwork shop in the 1960s and 70s.

Wobblies call for Morning Star boycott

Clydeside branch of the Industrial Workers' of the World (IWW) union call for a boycott of leftist daily newspaper the Morning Star over allegations of mishandling domestic abuse reporting.

Don't Mourn. Organise.

A statement from Edinburgh Anarchist Federation on the results of the Scottish independence referendum, and what comes next.

Beyond the Scottish referendum - Mike Sabot

Never be deceived ~ Lucy Parsons

A look at the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence written by Edinburgh Anarchist Federation member, Mike Sabot, in a personal capacity, criticising both the Yes and No campaigns.

Solidarity Scotland #2.05

Issue of Solidarity Scotland from July 1967, published by the Aberdeen Solidarity group, with articles about class and ideology, the peace movement, shipbuilding, violence in American culture and more.

Solidarity for workers' power - Solidarity (Scotland)

Partial online archive of the libertarian socialist journal, Solidarity Scotland, published in the 1960s.

The East End Eye

Online archive of The East End Eye, the voice of Glasgow Games Monitor 2014, a group of residents, activists and campaigners who are concerned about the effects of the regeneration in the East End of Glasgow.

East End Eye 6

East End Eye issue 6 front cover, mid-2013

6th issue of Glasgow Games Monitor's occasional freesheet, published mid-2013. Produced with the East End Carers Group and focussing on the Accord centre for people with learning difficulties

East End Eye 5

East End issue 5 front cover, Winter/Spring 2013

5th issue of Glasgow Games Monitor 2014's occasional freesheet. Published in early 2013, a Housing Special in conjunction with Glasgow Housing Action.

East End Eye 4

East End Eye Issue 4 front cover, Spring 2012

4th issue of Glasgow Games Monitor's occasional freesheet, published Spring 2012.