Seattle Solidarity Network

A fungus among us: Direct action cleans up landlord's act

A demand delivery scares landlord into returning the deposit of two SeaSol organizers.

Seasol victory over greedy, paycheck-stealing boss

Seattle Solidarity Network's campaign of direct action finally convinced thieving boss Eric Galanti to pay Lucio his long-withheld wages.

Jumbo sized victory for Marco and Seasol

After a three month fight Marco and Seasol have won our campaign against Jumbo Buffet in White Center. Marco received $4700, making up for the months of working under mininum wage with no breaks or overtime pay.

Multi-Solidarity Network picket makes landlord pay up

Seattle Solidarity Network beats a national real estate company with the help of visiting organizers from other solidarity networks.

The Seattle Solidarity Network: a new kind of working class social movement


By Walter Winslow. SeaSol offers an alternative strategy for how to begin organizing in an anti-union era. Its founding members realized that the IWW simply cannot organize workers at this point in the 21st century in droves as it did in the early 20th century. In fact, the IWW as well as most mainstream unions have been struggling for years to organize any new shops at all. Without a stronger labor movement, it is all but impossible for anarcho-syndicalist ideas to gain traction. SeaSol was founded on the premise that the labor movement needs to be rebuilt from scratch.

Striking back at bosses: solidarity networks and sexual assault

Seattle Solidarity Network

Members of the Twin Cities IWW take on a creepy boss through solidarity network-type tactics.

An owie to one is an owie to all: A six-step plan for helping your parent-friends remain activists

A member of Seattle Solidarity Network shares some steps she thinks organizations could take to encourage involvement from their members with children.

Occupy Wall Streets Next Steps – Part 2 – How to Win a Fight with the 1%

Over the past month, Occupy Wall Street has chalked up a large number of bold actions against both government and private authorities; it has led an attempted general strike, raucous marches, occupations of banks and abandoned buildings, disruptions of political speeches and press events, and a massive West Coast shut down of major port terminals partly to aid longshore workers in their fights against their employers.

Solidarity for the win - victory against Chase Bank

Seattle Solidarity Network gets a Chase Bank customer $1000 he was owed by a swift direct action campaign.

Everyone plays a part in fighting wage theft

Seattle recently joined San Francisco, Austin, Kansas City and Denver in making wage theft — bosses cheating workers out of their earned pay — a criminal offense, and rightfully so.