Selma James

Women, the unions and work, or… what is not to be done - Selma James

Excellent critique of the structural position of unions, work, and unwaged labour from a feminist perspective. By Selma James (1972).

The power of women and the subversion of the community

Tailors strike in Italy's Hot Autumn

An influential pamphlet by Mariarosa Dalla Costa and Selma James in 1972 that used a feminist reading of Marx to challenge Left orthodoxy on the role of women, their labour and their struggles.

On the Woman Question: An Orientation

Selma James delivered this report on behalf of the Johnson-Forest Tendency. Selma James was an important figure in the Johnson-Forest Tendency, a co-author of the pamphlet, A Woman’s Place, during the Correspondence period.

Sex, race and class - Selma James

How capitalism and the Left have mystified the real relationships between these categories.