Sergio Bologna


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Workerist Publications and Bios - Sergio Bologna

Overview of some publications and individuals active in Autonomia in Italy in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Labour Process and Class Strategies

A collection of texts by Panzieri, Sohn-Rethel, Palloix, Bologna, and Tronti. Published as "CSE Pamphlet no. 1" in 1976 by the UK-based Conference of Socialist Economists.

Italy 1980-81: After Marx, jail! The attempted destruction of a communist movement - Red Notes

A person in mime makeup, black and white

Red Notes' pamphlet charting the repression of Italy's 1970s extraparliamentary communist movement, when thousands of radical workers and intellectuals were swept into the country's jails.

Notes for an understanding of class deals be they social democratic or otherwise

A few notes on the idea of class deals

Autonomia: Post-Political Politics

Semiotext(e)'s book Autonomia: Post-Political Politics about the Autonomia movement, which contains first-hand documents and contemporaneous analysis from it's most influential theorists.

The theory and history of the mass worker in Italy - Sergio Bologna

Fiat workers.

Sergio Bologna on workers' historiography, first published in Common Sense no.11/12 in 1987.

The factory-society relationship as an historical category - Sergio Bologna

Workers outside their factory on the outskirts of Milan.

Notes originally intended to preface discussion on the history of the working class in the Italian auto industry.

Money and Crisis: Marx as Correspondent of the New York Daily Tribune, 1856-57 - Sergio Bologna

Sergio Bologna on Marx's writings on capitalism and crisis in the world recession of 1856-58.