CGT union members acquitted of ‘ridiculing Catholicism’ with Procession of the Holy Pussy

A regional court has told lawyers for the hardline Christian Advocates Association they won't be allowed to sue the anarcho-syndicalist CGT union in Spain for “offending the Catholic religion,” though a number of feminist organisers are still being targeted.

Unemployed take food from Mercadona and Carrefour in mass action in Andalucia

The Spanish field workers union the SAT has gone en masse to two supermarkets to take food by direct action.

Evicted families occupy a building in Seville and call on others to do so

Evicted families have squatted a building in Seville. They are resisting despite having the water and electricity cut off.

Indignados in Seville and Barcelona: reports from the #spanishrevolution

Reports from anarchists in two different cities in Spain about the assemblies movement there. From late May/Early June 2011. Translated for The Commune.

"Squatting grannies" threatened with eviction in Seville

In 2005 ten families, nearly all elderly, squatted a block of flats in Seville demanding better housing. Now the local council is trying to evict some of them.

Victorio, José Siliceo, 1906-1934

A short biography of widely-respected anarchist militant in pre-war Spain, José Siliceo Victorio.