SF fare strike 2005

Fare strike - San Francisco 2005

Pamphlet with first-hand accounts and analysis of the self-organised 2005 fare strike, in PDF and text format.

Post mortem on the San Francisco fare strike, 2005 - Tom Wetzel

Tom Wetzel analyses the fare strike of San Francisco public transport riders in 2005. He examines what ways of organising can be used to win struggles and form the basis of a new society.

Fighting the fare hike in San Francisco

A report on organising that is going on here in San Francisco against the rise in fares for buses and trams.

Thousands ride free in San Francisco transport fight

Despite heavy police presence at major bus transfer points, at least a couple thousand passengers rode the buses for free in San Francisco on Thursday, September 1st — the opening day of a fare strike in North America’s most bus-intensive city.