Solidarity Federation

Catalyst #25 - Newspaper of the Solidarity Federation

Catalyst - the 8-page tabloid from the Solidarity Federation.

Notes on the violent minority

A text drafted during the November 2010 university occupations focussing on liberal ideology, state repression and the student movement.

Don't be kettled! - South London Solidarity Federation statement for November 24th

Police 'kettling' protesters at the G20.

Press release of the South London Solidarity Federation ahead of the November 24th 'Day of Action' against cuts in education.

"Hardcore troublemaker" anarchist group laughs off Millbank blame game

Solidarity Federation, which helped organise the Radical Workers' and Students Bloc at the NUS/UCU education march derides "absurd and patronising" attempts to blame it for damage at Tory HQ - and calls for increasing direct action against cuts.

Opposing academies and "free" schools - Education Workers Network

An academy school

A brief introductory leaflet on Academies and Free Schools by the Education Workers Network distributed at the 2010 London Anarchist Bookfair.

Is this farewell, welfare?

The government’s answer to the problem of unemployment during the biggest economic crisis since the 1930s is not to create any new jobs, but to launch a massive attack on our living standards.

Academy schools programme expanded

A new Education Bill is set to massively extend Labour’s controversial Academies programme.

Strikes off, cuts on at universities

The academics’ union UCU at the University of Sussex cancelled industrial action planned for late June after university bosses declared they were “hopeful” they could avoid any compulsory redundancies.

NOT all in this together

The Government’s “tough but fair” budget will hit the poorest the hardest, as well as having a disproportionate impact on women, two reports have found.