The struggle for self-management: an open letter to IS comrades

This is an open letter to members of the International Socialists (IS), later to become the Socialist Workers Party, printed in the libertarian socialist paper Solidarity in September 1968. It criticises IS for failing to recognise the relationship between how socialists organise, and the content of their politics; and for establishing an unfree internal regime.

Williamson, George, 1939-2007

Obituary of Scottish activist, libertarian socialist and Solidarity member, George Williamson, a.k.a. James Finlayson.

A fresh look at Lenin - Andy Brown

Solidarity pamphlet #56, in which Andy Brown examines the failure of the Russian revolution and its relation to the ideology of Lenin, its key leader, as described by his own words. With a Postface by Ian Pirie and A.A. Raskolnikov.

Sorting out the postal strike - Joe Jacobs

Joe Jacobs investigates the 1971 United Kingdom postal workers strike, which was the country's first national postal strike. Published as Solidarity pamphlet number 36.

Solidarity and the neo-narodniks - Solidarity

Solidarity's polemic aimed at Big Flame, following an exchange around the events of the Fisher Bendix occupation.

Point of view: Solidarity

Root and Branch introduce the British libertarian socialist group Solidarity to their American readers, appending the group's statement of principles, As We See It, below.

History as creation - Cornelius Castoriadis

The black horse of famine

Castoriadis examines the interrelation between religious, Hegelian and Marxist philosophies of history, arguing that a true appreciation of human agency and historical empowerment is in fact incompatible with such theories.

Ceylon: the JVP uprising of April 1971 - Solidarity

Ceylon, 1971

Excellent pamphlet by Solidarity London about the uprising launched by the socialist youth organisation the JVP in Sri Lanka in April 1971.

Spartakism to National Bolshevism - the KPD 1918-24 - Solidarity

Leibnecht speaks to workers - 1918

An account of the emergence of the KPD (The German Communist Party) in the early days of the German Revolution - as a break from the Social Democratic Party - through its decline and transformation into a tool of the Russian Bolshevik regime.

Anatomy of an industrial struggle: Chrysler factory at Tonsley Park in Adelaide 1976-1978

A worker at the Tonsley Park Chrysler plant

An account of two years of struggle at an Australian Chrysler plant by one of the workers, including a detailed look at the role of the union.