South Wales Miners Federation

Syndicalism in south Wales: The origins of The Miners’ Next Step

Members of the South Wales Miners Federation

This article was written in 1987 to mark the 75th anniversary of the publication of The Miners’ Next Step.

Armed But Not In The Old Way

Tonypandy after the riot

Arguments for Welsh Syndicalism - Past and Future. an introduction from 1999

Cambrian Combine miners strike and Tonypandy riot, 1910 - Sam Lowry

Tonypandy miners.

A short history of a strike by miners in South Wales in 1910 which led to a series of confrontations between workers and police, culminating in what became popularly known as the Tonypandy Riot.

1912: The Miners' Next Step

Miners in 1912

A document produced in 1912 by the South Wales Miners Federation, which was one of the high points of syndicalist organising in the UK.