Spain protests 2011

Egypt, Bahrain, London, Spain?– Tahrir Square as a meme

DSG's piece on resistance tactics as 'meme' and the emergence of public space occupations in North Africa and Europe.

As in the early days and weeks of what have become known as “The Arab Spring”– a series of insurrections against long-established regimes across North Africa– the British mainstream media seem to have missed the boat on the current “May 15th” movement currently filling the streets and squares of cities and towns across Spain.

Indignados in Seville and Barcelona: reports from the #spanishrevolution

Reports from anarchists in two different cities in Spain about the assemblies movement there. From late May/Early June 2011. Translated for The Commune.

Indignados in Seville

I find it difficult to write about the movement of indignados in Seville and maybe that’s because I’ve been an activist for many years in this city. So I’m writing while aware that my opinions aren’t very representative of the movement as a whole.

The protests of the “15M” and the revolutionary minorities

Puerta del Sol

Translations of Spanish article available here

The 15th of May, brings several strikes, puerta del sol of Madrid was taken by several thousands of protesters that shown themselves as tired of supporting the pawning of their life conditions. The police decided to intervene in order to expel them, which provoked a reaction in the whole country with tens and tens of thousands of proletariats going out to the streets.

May they all go

Original Spanish text, published 19th May, available here

Those of us who have flowed to the streets in protest are many. All of us have indentified ourselves in our disgust for political parties, our disgust for Unions, for businessman… Above all we’ve realized that we have reached our limit. We are sick of being pariahs to this world.

June 2nd: Report from Zaragoza

Occupied Plaza in Zaragoza.

Report from participants in the Spanish popular assembly movement, from Zaragoza.

We’re just back from the ‘political assembly’ of the encampment in the city we live in (Zaragoza).


Madrid Metro strike, 2010.

Short article putting the popular assembly movement in the context of recent struggles in Spain against austerity.

Some context

Part 2: what is acampada sol?

Map of Acampada Sol.

Text explaining the nature of the encampment in Puerto del Sol (now known as Acampada Sol).

1. an encampment in the Puerta Sol

Part 1: a march and a plaza

Report from a participant on the first days of the occupation of Puerta del Sol and the Spanish assembly movement in Madrid.

I had the good luck to arrive in Spain on May 14, the day before the “#spanishrevolution” was to begin. Of course, it wasn’t entirely luck, I had been inundated with tweets and FB posts about May 15 for months, mostly by friends from Barcelona. That was enough to get me to pay the $40 extra and very quickly move out of my apartment to get to Madrid by the 15th.

Spain: Anarchists and the May 15 movement: reflections and proposals

Rally in Puerta del Sol in solidarity with occupiers in Barcelona

A reflection article written by anarchists in Madrid on the occupation at Puerta del Sol, leading up to the neighborhood assemblies which took place on May 28.

This text was written in Madrid, so many of the descriptions and reflections may not match the reality of other locations, especially given the heterogeneity of the 15-M Movement. Even so, we think that it could be useful as a point of departure for reflection for all the comrades involved in the assemblies, regardless of the site.

Spain: It's our moment: May the occupations and disobedience continue!

Graphic produced by one of our users illustrating the occupations

A statement by the anarchosyndicalist CNT of Spain on the May protests and occupations which have swept the country.

The countless demonstrations and occupations that are taking root in the main squares of cities and villages since the 15th are a clear example of the organizational capacity of the people when they decide to be the protagonists of their own lives; overcoming apathy, resignation, and the absence of a self-awareness with which to articulate solutions to take on and construct alternatives to the man