We, the anarchists!: A study of the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI) 1927-1937

A detailed, scholarly study of the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI), a group of twentieth-century militants dedicated to keeping Spain’s largest labor union, the CNT, on a revolutionary, anarcho-syndicalist path. Stuart Christie’s analysis covers the history of Spanish anarchism and the Spanish Civil War, and provides lessons relevant to today’s largely neutered labor movement. A gripping and informative tale!

The ideological essence of syndicalism - Galo Díez Fernández

In this essay first published in 1922, Galo Díez Fernández, the National Secretary of the CNT, explains the importance of the rationalist education that was such a major part of the CNT’s propaganda at the time, with particular emphasis on the education of women and the moral regeneration of the workers.

Syndicalism and the strike: French and Italian revolutionary syndicalism and their introduction into Spain - Pere Gabriel

An essay on the relative influence exercised by the First International (the Spanish Regional Federation of the IWA), the Second International, French revolutionary syndicalism (the CGT and the Bourses du Travail), and Italian syndicalism (the USI), respectively, on the origin and development of Spanish anarcho-syndicalism, with extensive discussion of the internal debates that took place between 1880 and 1920 in the European anarchist milieu on the general strike and the nature and purpose of trade unionism.

José Pellicer – Miguel Amorós

A biographical sketch of the martyred Spanish anarchist and co-founder of the Iron Column, José Pellicer, by Miguel Amorós.

The day they killed José Pellicer – Miguel Amorós

An encomium to the martyred Spanish anarchist, co-founder of the Iron Column, José Pellicer, by Miguel Amorós.

The myth of Mondragon: Cooperatives, politics, and working class life in a Basque town - Sharryn Kasmir

Sharryn Kasmir's critical account of the internationally renowned Mondragon cooperatives of the Basque region of Spain.

This time it’s personal. Mortgage fraud, faux-democracy and escrache in Spain

The escrache protests in Spain organised by the Platform of Mortgage Victims are quickly getting to the rotten core of a technical government in all but name. Despite the Popular Party's attempts to demonise them in the press they continue to gather support, pointing the way for the rest of Europe.

Review: The Spanish civil war - Anthony Beevor

A good review of the book on the Spanish Civil War by renowned military historian Anthony Beevor, which was later republished as The battle for Spain.

Urban renewal in Barcelona

Resisting "urban renewal" in Barcelona in the context of larger economic struggle

The battle for Spain: The Spanish civil war 1936-1939 - Anthony Beevor

Anthony Beevor's definitive history of the Spanish civil war. While it focuses on the military aspects it takes a detailed and balanced look at all of the forces in Spanish society at the time.