Spanish civil war

The Spanish Revolution 70 years later

An outline of the social revolution which exploded at the start of the Spanish Civil War, touching on how it happened and how it was crushed, as well as its significance for anarchists.

Spain and the World. Vol. 1, no. 06

The sixth edition of Spain and the World, dated 19 February 1937.

Sisterly solidarity - Pepita Carpena

Members of Mujeres Libres

Account by Pepita Carpena of the Spanish anarchist Mujeres Libres (Free Women) on how comrades helped her flee Spain after the victory of Franco's forces in 1939.

Buenaventura Durruti interview - Pierre van Paasen

Buenaventura Durruti

In 1936, after the liberation of Aragon from Franco's forces, leading Spanish anarchist Buenaventura Durruti was interviewed by Pierre van Paasen of the Toronto Star. In this interview he gives his views on Fascism, government and social revolution despite the fact that his remarks have only been reported in English - and were never actually written down by him in his native Spanish - they are worth repeating here.

Beware! Anarchist! A life for freedom - Augustin Souchy

Augustin Souchy, left, on his 90th birthday

The incredible autobiography of an incredible man. Souchy fought in the Spanish Revolution; was a serious and knowledgeable student of Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin, and Gustav Landauer; a consistent war-resister; a prolific pamphleteer; a major figure in the International Workers' Association (IWA); an anarcho-syndicalist determined to put theory into practice; one of the best informed specialists on the varieties of workers' control and self-management. These are memoirs par excellence, with a forward by Theo Waldinger, and an afterward by Sam Dolgoff.

What is the CNT?

1972 basic introduction to the anarcho-syndicalist by a long standing CNT-AIT militant and participant in the Spanish Revolution.

Why? Vol. 2, No. 3 (July-August 1943)

The Vol 2, No 3 (July-August 1943) issue of Why?, an anarchist publication produced out of New York City from 1942-1947.

In memory of a revolutionary spanish anarchist : A biography of Vicente Ruiz Gutiérrez

Vicente speaking at a gathering of militants in 1936 - a packed crowd in Malaga

Pages from the recollections of a Spanish anarchist that cover his youth, the development of his libertarian ideals and his militant activities, the eruption of the revolution and the battle for the defence of Malaga, his going onto the Huete front and then onto Madrid, and finally the retirada and the road into exile.

A grassroot CNT militant remembers: The oral memoirs of Luis Parés Adán

CNT militants in Barcelona (they are on the back of a truck, next to a field gun

Luis Parés Adán's account of the Spanish revolution, defeat and the post-war resistance from the perective of a grassroots militant in the anarchist union CNT.