Spartacist League

A Hundred Years Since the Murder of Luxemburg and Liebknecht

On this day [15 January] exactly a century ago Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht were brutally murdered in cold blood by Freikorps troops under the command of the Social Democratic Party. It decapitated the leadership of the young German Communist Party which then oscillated between putschism and opportunism for the rest of its existence. The consequences were that the world revolution, which the revolutionaries in Russia had counted on, did not take place.

Czego chce Związek Spartakusa? - Róża Luksemburg


Projekt programu Komunistycznej Partii Niemiec (Związku Spartakusa) napisany przez Różę Luksemburg. Jednogłośnie przyjęty i opublikowany w „Die Rote Fahne” (14 grudnia 1918 r.).

Report On Our Organisation. Founding Congress Of The KPD (Spartakus) — Hugo Eberlein

Hugo Eberlein's report on organisation presented to the founding Congress of the Communist Party of Germany (Spartacist league) in 1918.